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New York New York


I spent this past weekend in New York visiting friends and today I’m going to share some of our adventures. First though, I want to thank my gracious hosts Jon and Colin for letting me stay with them yet again (this was our fourth annual spring fling?).

Now, on with the show!

Friday night’s dinner was spectacular and even my omnivorous bestie loved his food from Blossom, a vegan, organic, ethically minded restaurant located on the Upper West Side (Blossom).

The decor was cool and relaxed and our waitress was very knowledgeable, offering plenty of suggestions and ideas for our meal.

We ended up ordering the Roasted Corn Polenta Cakes (pictured above), Spaghetti Squash Alfredo, Tempeh Pad Thai and a side of mashed potatoes. Quite a varied selection, no? Considering that I was tempted to order everything on the menu, this was actually an extremely tame order.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but honestly we (fine, me) ate so quickly that all I had time to photograph was the first appetizer and the empty plates. And on that note, I felt SO AWKWARD taking photos of my food. Wow, nothing like a flashing camera in a restaurant to draw unnecessary attention to yourself!

Our evening quickly progressed with a few drinks, a costume change, more food (I have a problem, ok) and then, what else? A trip to a drag queen dance club – Rockit Fridays at District 36 hosted by FV Events.

The downstairs dance floor of the club was small and enclosed while upstairs boasted a larger, open space for dancing. Both floors quickly filled up with amazing dancers, some in street clothes, some in costumes, others in full drag. It was quite a show.

I can’t remember the last time that I went dancing, but it was an absolute blast to enjoy the music and the colorful scenery without fear of being groped by wandering hands!

And the bartender uniform de jour? Speedos. Raise your hand if you love gay clubs… 🙂

I was a little worse for wear after tons of sweaty dancing, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to pose for this picture, even though my makeup was literally dripping down my face.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

And after an amazing and late (for me) night out, I’m not ashamed to admit that Saturday consisted solely of recovery time. 3 people + pull-out couch + movies + food = AWESOME.

Dinner was especially delicious and I licked my bowl clean after ordering from Basera Indian Bistro. Their vegetable Jalfrezi over rice was spicy and flavorful, I would definitely order from there again if I lived in Hells Kitchen!

I already miss New York and am planning another trip this summer to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibit at the MET (upcoming exhibitions).

Next time you’re in the Big Apple, check out Blossom if you can it’s definitely worth a visit!

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