An ongoing love affaire with all things fashionable, tasty and fun

Things I’ve learned…


(1) The book is ALWAYS better than the movie.

(2) You can’t argue with genetics. Especially when you call your mom with a spoonful of peanut butter in your mouth only to discover she’s standing in her kitchen doing the same thing.

(3) Don’t dwell. Let it go and it will set you free.

(4) Having people who support you no matter what decisions you make is more important than how much money you make, who you’re dating, or what you’re doing (or not doing) with your life.

(5) Giving in to your cravings and impulsive desires is necessary to be a well-adjusted individual.

(6) You can’t stay in a bad mood if you sing out loud & dance around your apartment. I’m serious. Try it.

(7) Listen to your mother. She was right about the bad-boy phase. She was right about the sunscreen. She was right about higher thread-count sheets. Just listen.

(8) Appreciate what you have. Living your life wondering whether everyone else is doing it better or enjoying it more isn’t living. Life isn’t a competition. Life isn’t about winning.

(9) A relationship isn’t the answer to everything. If you don’t know who you are, don’t know what you want, or what you deserve – you wont be good for anyone. Sometimes you just need to be alone.

(10) Always keep a tool kit nearby because when you least expect it, you will need it. I  promise.

(11) Do something that you love every single day. Find a gorgeous view, read an inspirational book, watch a cheesy movie, listen to a song that makes you sing, laugh for no reason, kiss someone you love… It’ll keep you sane.

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