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Summer Weddings

I have received requests for suggestions on what to wear to for the upcoming Summer wedding season, and since this subject is relevant to so many of us, I decided to dedicate an entire post to the topic.

Obviously there are many different types of weddings, indoor, outdoor, formal, informal, day, nighttime… And while I’m happy to offer tailor-made suggestions if you want to email me the specifics, I’m just going to try to cover a few fundamentals today.

First, the basics:

(1) Pay attention to the terrain! Be cognizant of the environment you’ll be in and tailor your shoe choice accordingly. If you’re going to be traipsing across a lawn, stilettos are out.

Don’t argue with me!

(2) Keep it appropriate. Is the couple conservative? Keep that in mind when choosing your outfit. Is it a traditional Catholic church ceremony? Keep yourself covered. Is it a goth wedding in a nightclub? I would skip the florals…

(3) And the number one rule of dressing for a wedding? Do. Not. Draw. Attention. To. Yourself!

{As phenomenal as Kate looks, avoid wearing ivory, whites, nudes, champagnes and pale, pale pastels at the risk of upstaging the bride.}

Casual Summer Wedding – Daytime:

You’ll want something light, both material-wise and color-wise. Avoid black, navy, long sleeves and heels. Below are a few ideas to get your fashion juices flowing:

{This dress is great because the colors are fun & flirty, but neutral enough to give you options. Pair with nude sandals, blue wedges, a cropped yellow cardigan… The choices are endless – Alice+Olivia}

{Bright colors & prints are great alternatives to florals. Accessorize with a belt, sweater, strappy flat sandals or espadrilles – BCBGeneration}

If the wedding begins in the afternoon and continues on into the night there’s no need for a full costume change, just update your extras! If you’ll be heading inside for dancing just run to your car and exchange your sandals for (appropriate) heels, add a cocktail ring or a chunky necklace, smooth on some eyeliner and ditch your bag (can’t dance if you’re clinging to your clutch!) If you’re going to stay outside for the evening portion of the celebration but still want to update your look, I would don a cropped blazer or shrunken jacket to add a little edge to your softer day look.

{A simple silhouette in a fun, Summer-y print is an easy & stylish way to go – Ann Taylor}

{A maxi worn with sandals is a great option, just be sure to avoid loud accessories and allow the dramatic length of the frock speak for itself – Asos}

Formal Summer Wedding:

When a summer wedding is very large, held entirely indoors or has a  lengthy (or orthodox) ceremony planned, that’s a good hint that the attire should be more formal. This means don’t show too much skin and cover your shoulders if you’re attending the ceremony itself. Longer lengths and more conservative cuts will be paramount, so dress accordingly!

{Something classic, but with a little summer flair like this dress would be perfect. Add heels, pearls or a jacket as necessary – Kate Spade}

{The draping on this frock is beautiful and gives it a modern twist, while the dusty lavender hue still says summer – Halston Heritage}

{There are very few occasions that a sheath dress isn’t appropriate for and the colors and mix of fabrics in this one keep it from being too austere – Rachel Roy}

Black Tie Summer Wedding: Black tie can only mean one thing… Pull out your gown Cinderella, its time to get ready for the ball! While a floor length dress is the norm for this type of event, if you’re feeling very Bianca Jagger you might be able to pull off Le Smoking Suit. Formal dressing can be quite expensive so I’ll try to keep my suggestions on the reasonable side of the spectrum, keep in mind though that you can go with a basic/plain gown and dress it up with jewels and accessories.

{Classic & dramatic, but conservative – This is a great choice for a formal event – Tadashi Shoji}

{This dress is formal and elegant, but retains an air of cheeky youthfulness – BCBGeneration}

{If you’re interested in a look with a little more edge, try something with interesting straps – Riller & Fount}

Enjoy the festivities and go easy on the champagne!

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