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Spring Produce

Despite the seemingly unending rain and fog in the bay area right it is officially spring, and to me that means one thing. Spring produce! Grocery stores start stocking the shelves with a whole slew of new produce and farmer’s markets appear everywhere. Suddenly all the things that I’ve been craving all winter are available in abundance, apples, greens, artichokes, berries, melons, beets, grapes, cherries, tomatoes… The list goes on. And on. And on.

While I love the root veggies, squash, gourds and savory fall and winter dishes, in my opinion nothing can compete with spring fruits and veggies. I practically live on salads and fruit all spring and can’t seem to get enough of the brightly colored treats suddenly available.

One of the HUGE benefits of my office is the supply of fresh fruit offered on a daily basis.

My desk last week...


And with my tea this morning...

Needless to say, getting my recommended daily intake of fruit is a breeze during the work week. Veggies on the other hand, aren’t quite as plentiful around my office. I usually eat salad for lunch a couple of times a week or I’ll have soup or fresh veggie sushi. I also inevitably end up snacking on sliced veggies and hummus all afternoon. During the spring I find that I eat mostly raw until dinner, I just don’t crave the heavier, cooked foods that I want when it’s chilly out.

I also become completely salad-obsessed during the spring, but with so many colorful toppings who can really blame me? I’ve been getting increasingly excited about new dressings I’ve discovered (Annie’s Goddess Dressing & Bragg’s Ginger & Sesame Dressing) and have been making my own that were inspired by ones that I love from restaurants.

My trip to the farmers market is also quickly becoming one of the highlights of my week. Yes, I still look forward to my twice-monthly CSA boxes with childlike glee, but a girl needs more fruits and veggies than that when there are so many choices out! Not to mention picking up beans, nuts, olive oil and flowers! San Francisco has a few really great farmers markets throughout the week. I’m partial to the one held Saturday mornings (and Thursday afternoons) at the Ferry Building, it’s the perfect pre-breakfast walk for a beautiful Saturday morning.

I’ve also become a fan of the farmers markets in Sacramento, both downtown and in Fair Oaks, since I spend about half of my weekends there these days.

Does anything say Spring quite like a sunny trip to the farmers market, a huge, bright salad and a glass of wine?


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