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Every once in a while (fine, every morning when I turn on my computer and stare at my inbox) I get an itch to be somewhere else.

I love traveling. I love the bustle of airports and train stations, everyone on their way somewhere else. I love hotels and quaint little B&Bs. I love spending afternoons sitting outside at cafes people watching. I love wandering aimlessly through museums, historical sites and ruins. I even love the planning and making reservations part of a trip.

My wanderlust has taken me around the world – Italy, Spain, France, Greece, UK, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Belize, Dominican Republic, Mexico – but there are still many places I have yet to see.

My top five dream destinations? Why yes, I will share. 🙂

The Artemision in Turkey, Caesarea in Israel, the Feum District in Egypt, Manchu Picchu in Peru and Petra in Jordan. Um… I think my nerd is showing…

Something else that I absolutely adore about traveling?


Ok fine. Maybe luggage is my favorite part…

And while I would be the happiest girl in the entire world if a set of Goyard or vintage Louis Vuitton trunks suddenly and mysteriously appeared in my closet, to date my most frequently used pieces of luggage are from Longchamp, TUMI and Hunting World.

{Left – Longchamp, Center – Hunting World & Right: Tumi}

The Longchamp bags are especially great for traveling because once they’re folded up they can be slipped in your purse or the pocket of another suitcase to give you more space.

{Left – Hunting World, Center – Longchamp Le Pliage tote & Right – Longchamp Le Pliage Weekender}

So convenient!

This fall I’ll be making my way overseas and spending time in the UK, France and Spain. When you’re packing for a trip like this one (business attire, pool/beach attire, wedding attire, travel attire, sightseeing attire) the key is to pack interchangeable pieces that can be worn in various ways in various settings. While London and Paris may be warmer than Southern France, I’m planning on packing summery clothes with a few layering pieces.

On the unofficial packing list?

  • 1 pair of black heels & 1 pair of neutral sandals
  • 2 work dresses, 2 street-appropriate sundresses & 2 maxi dresses
  • 1 pair black capris & 1 pair slim jeans
  • 1 striped t-shirt, 1 black 3/4 sleeve top & 1 light-weight tunic
  • 1 black cardigan & 1 white cardigan
  • 2 pairs of PJs, 2 bathing suits, 1 sarong & 1 lightweight bathing suit cover-up
  • Accessories
  • Travel outfit: black pants, black ballet flats, layering tank, boyfriend cardigan or blazer & a pashmina

Yes, there’s a lot of black in that list for a late summer vacation, but when you’re conserving suitcase space having all of your clothes match is incredibly helpful. (I learned this trick when I moved to Italy in college and took one rolling suitcase for the entire semester!)

You’ll also see that I’m packing very classic, basic pieces. Each day’s outfit will be made unique with the addition of accessories, which take up little to no room in your bags. Jewelry, headbands, belts, scarves, bags and sunglasses can COMPLETELY change your look (see Real Girls Need Real Closets – Accessories Edition).

  • Slim jeans + striped top + skinny red belt + gold bracelets + sunglasses = Parisian chic
  • Sun dress + colored-bead necklaces + scarf tied to purse + sandals = Barcelona cool

When you’re living out of a suitcase for two weeks nothing in it should only be able to be worn once. Bring separates, rather than outfits, and you’ll need fewer suitcases. Promise!


Packing Ninja

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