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Les Confessions – Trois

The most important people in my life live outside of San Francisco – Albuquerque, Sacramento, Palo Alto, San Diego, New York, Southern California, Hawaii…

Berkeley Besties! Our reunion last summer at Fallen Leaf included residents of San Diego, Southern California, Hawaii, San Francisco & Sacramento

My boyfriend Sean & his hetero life partner Danny – Both born, raised and still residing in Sacramento

One of the best lines I’ve ever read online was courtesy of Jenna at Eat, Live, Run: “Camping should always involve wine, an air mattress and under eye concealer.” Coco couldn’t have said it better!

It took me a very stubborn year of running (I use the word “running” loosely) to start enjoying it. Then I signed up for a race and now I can’t remember why I liked it… 

I LOVE DANCING MOVIES. It doesn’t matter what age the intended audience is, it doesn’t matter how cheesy and it certainly doesn’t matter what number in the series it is. Center Stage. Own I & II. Step Up. Own all three. Save the Last Dance. Stick it. Burlesque. Bring it On. Fame. Take the Lead. Honey. I clearly have a problem… Or do I?

Read: Les Confessions – Une & Les Confessions – Deux

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