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Going, going gone…

Well my loves, the time has come for me to say adieu.

Well, for a week anyway… 🙂

I’ve just arrived in Southern France after a few days in London and a few in Paris. I’ll shares some pictures when I can, but don’t be too disappointed if I’m forced to wait until my triumphant return to dazzle you with the sights, sounds, smells (wait, no…) and tastes of my glorious late summer getaway.

However, I do have some excellent news for all of you out there in blog-land! My dear friend Crystal will be stopping by to give you some oh-so-helpful insights into the wonderful wide world of fitness next week.

Crystal is located in Orange County, in Southern California and has been biking, running, yoga-ing and generally just being a fitness bad @$$ since we graduated from college in 2005 and she moved back down south (traitor 🙂 ).

And if you’re really nice to her, maybe she’ll come back and give us some more tips again soon.

Talk soon!


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