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Bloomingdale’s Giveaway – WINNER

Thank you to everyone who participated in MCLV’s first giveaway,  a contest to win a $50 gift certificate to Bloomingdale’s.

Unfortunately only one entrant could win and this time around it was – drum roll please – caitlyncampbell4. Her response to the all important question?


Dear Chic Blogger,

I would take this beautiful Burberry Bag:

I love this piece because it is such a versatile color and shape, season-less, and I’m sure it smells like heaven.

I could wear it everyday –  to work, shopping on the weekends, sitting on the couch savoring the sweet smell of buttery leather (the hubby hates when I do things like this, but it’s too late for him – we’re already married.).

Now I want it 😦


Personally I think that if you can publicly admit to being a purse-sniffer you deserve the bag of your dreams, so congratulations caitlyncampbell4! Just email me your address and I’ll have your gift certificate mailed right over.

If you didn’t win this round don’t dismay, stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future, we’ll try to make this a regular occurrence here at MCLV.

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