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I’m not sure why, but I just can’t get enough of interior decorating websites, blogs and magazines right now. Maybe it stems from my closet obsession, but I absolutely adore looking at photos of house and apartment decor. From accessories like vintage clocks & luxurious printed throws to wall decor like beautiful framed art & gilded mirrors to fun furniture like retro wet bars and carved wooden magazine display cases.

I love vintage and baroque inspired decor especially. Entire rooms containing nothing but black and white touches. Eclectic homes with mismatched furniture and interesting, one of a kind touches that bring back memories of your past. But I’ve found that my tastes have expanded over the years and become more broad and varied as they’ve developed.

One of my goals for 2012 is the buy a house in Sonoma and I’m beyond excited to decorate it. In fact, that’s probably the basis of my current decor obsession.

Here are some of the gorgeous shots that I’ve found lately, just things that caught my eye.

{I’m a sucker for a good closet. I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of this style of closet lately, turning an entire room into a closet and using clothing racks to line the walls in lieu of using a smaller space. Clearly this is a solution for those of us who have “a problem.”}


  {Running out of room for shoes in your closet? Line the rest of your rooms with them!I love hanging purses and jewelry from things!}

{I found this picture ages ago and I adore everything about it. The lattice-work on the mirror, the muted tones of the room, the frames & pillows, the color paint on the walls & trim… Everything!}

{I love the dark walls in this space almost as much as the open plan that allows you to see the antique tub from the bedroom. I stayed in an adorable boutique hotel in Glen Ellen that had a similar floor plan – Nothing quite like taking a bath while watching a movie!}


{I absolutely love vanities. This one looks modern and fresh with the dual mirrors and chic black & white decor.}

 {Home decor as only Garance Dore can do it. She also has an antique bicycle in her apartment!}


{Another thing on my Must Have list? A chalkboard for the kitchen! I keep notepads everywhere in my apartment, but I love this idea even more if you have roommates.}

OnTheRacks: Around the house


{Doesn’t this remind you of a beach cottage? I love the light stain of the dining room table combined with the darker stained floor and white furniture and walls. Tres shabby chic!}

{An absolutely to DIE for eat in kitchen. I love the way everything is organized and the green and white striped cloth below the kitchen sink rather than doors is too cute.}

{This is one of my favorite dining room photos of all times. I love libraries and dark paneled floors and this is just such a fantastic combination. So unexpected and unique.}


 {Gorgeous white space with beautiful vintage touches and fresh flowers. Absolutely stunning. When can I move in?}

{This is EXACTLY the kind of girly vintage style I adore and that I now have to stay away from… Pout!}

I moved a month or so ago so I’m still in the process of decorating the new place. I went from an old-school San Francisco building with gorgeous moldings, high ceilings, hardwood floors and great light to a super modern building with carpeting and much more useful amenities. (Pool – Check. Gym – Check.) The result is that I’m having trouble finding the perfect balance with my existing furniture and the decor I want to create in this new, smaller space. Plus I have to curb most of my girly, fashion-related impulses since my boyfriend is moving in. I don’t want him to feel out of place and I need to leave space for a flat screen on my wall – SIGH. Hopefully this little photo project will give me the final push that I need to finalize things though.

{All pictures can be found in my Belle Maison Pinterest Board}

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