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January Round-Up

After my oh-so-ambitious New Years Resolutions – kidding – I wanted to touch base after this first month and see how I did on my January goals, whether I made any progress or plans for the year and to set some new goals for February.

Let’s see how I did:

Overarching 2012 Resolutions:

  • Buy a house: While I did spend a weekend in Glen Ellen in January, I didn’t look at any houses – I did search Zip before we headed out though and there were no houses that I wanted to see at that point. Unfortunately I can’t plan or rush this one, I have to try to be patient while I wait for the right house to go on the market. I don’t do patient well though…

  • Take no money out of my savings accounts: DONE 🙂  
  • Publish something: While no extracurricular writing has occurred thus far on 2012, I did take step #1 and created a writing schedule for the month of February – I set some baby goals for myself to work on and plan to do some serious editing of one of my novels in my spare time. Spare time? Ha – I crack myself up!

January Goals:

  • Start back rehabilitation: Unfortunately instead of getting this happy sign off I had two more epidurals, so this goal moves to February! At this point I am literally dreaming about the gym and going running – at least weekly. I need me some exercise endorphins!
  • Finish decorating new apartment: 90% done! 🙂 Pictures coming soon.

  • No taxis: I did incredibly well with this one – My doctor recommended walking as possible so I was really determined and dragged Sean around the city on foot nonstop. I think he only managed to get me into two taxis all month!


New February Goals:

For February I’m going categorizing my goals according to which area of my life they will affect most:

Health: In February I am going to give up all sweeteners (aside from baking uses). I usually use all-natural organic Stevia or Agave Nectar to sweeten my tea or in overnight oats on almost a daily basis. I’m curious if giving this up will affect my health in any substantial way, especially whether giving it up in my evening tea will change my sleeping patterns. We shall see!

And yes, I’ve been hording holiday tea, I hide it in the back of the cupboard so Sean wont see it. Shhh…

Fitness: Last month’s “fitness” goal will roll over to February – Start back rehabilitation & be diligent about my exercises. As I said, I’m DYING to get back into the gym, so it’s really important that I take my rehab seriously and work really hard to keep my core strong.

Fashion: My fashion goal for February is to keep up the level of effort that I put into the Freckles In April Challenge. No more playing it safe and falling back on go-to outfits. This experience really shook things up for me style-wise and I hope to be able to keep challenging myself on a daily basis.

So Happy February to you all, I hope that all your January goals & resolutions went well!

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