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February Round-Up

Since our leap-year month has come & gone I’m here to go over my February goals and set down some rules & plans for the month of March.

But before I get to that, I want to say a quick but sincere Thank You!!! as Moi Contre La Vie passes its one year anniversary. This has been quite the learning experience and I’ve had an unbelievable time with this blog over the last twelve months, so thank you for your continued support, it means the world to me.


Alright now let’s get back to my monthly goals and see how I did:

Overarching 2012 Resolutions:

  • Buy a house: No change during February, just waiting for the perfect house to magically appear in front of me. We’re planning a trip to Sonoma in March or early though so fingers crossed! 
  • Take no money out of my savings accounts: Done. Buuut I did decide that would take money out this year when I make a car purchase.
  • Publish something: February was a major disaster on this front for one reason – My laptop died! As of today my new laptop has not yet arrived and I’m using a work laptop for my computer needs each day. I fully plan to start my writing schedule as soon as the new one arrive though, promise.

February Goals:

Health: In February I am going to give up all sweeteners (aside from baking uses). I usually use all-natural organic Stevia or Agave Nectar to sweeten my tea or in overnight oats on almost a daily basis. I’m curious if giving this up will affect my health in any substantial way, especially whether giving it up in my evening tea will change my sleeping patterns. We shall see!

  • I did great giving up sweeteners and I also really focused on sleep, which meant I got at least 7 hours of sleep during the week. Ya me!

Fitness: Last month’s “fitness” goal will roll over to February – Start back rehabilitation & be diligent about my exercises. As I said, I’m DYING to get back into the gym, so it’s really important that I take my rehab seriously and work really hard to keep my core strong.

  • I got sign off to start twice a week physical therapy at the end of February and my first appointment is on March 1 so this month I’ll have much more to say on this topic.

Fashion: My fashion goal for February is to keep up the level of effort that I put into the Freckles In April Challenge. No more playing it safe and falling back on go-to outfits. This experience really shook things up for me style-wise and I hope to be able to keep challenging myself on a daily basis.

  • I did a GREAT job on this during February and even tried out some new-to-me looks & styles. I added belts and tucked in shirts to my wardrobe for the first time and gave my extra-curricular looks a bit more of a rock n’ roll edge with black jeans, heeled motorcycle boots, leopard print and chunky jewelry. Unfortunately February was also the month of shopping. EK. Gotta get that under control in March!


New March Goals:

Heath: I’ve been consuming an absurd amount of Diet Coke since November to deal with nausea from painkillers so in March, as my back is heals and I start physical therapy, I’m going to reduce my medications and give up Diet Coke. Can’t wait!

Food: My friend Arianna and I have a weekly date set up to cook a healthy, plant-based dinner together. Hopefully these meals will motivate me to watch my snacking and plan my meals in advance for the week and prepare snacks to take to work. In March I really want to focus on getting all my daily nutrients from my food rather than relying on supplements and multi-vitamins.

Fitness: Physical therapy started March 1st and I’m going to be the best patient they’ve ever had! I’m going to do all my exercises and work as hard as my body allows me to. I’m also going to keep walking as much as possible (2.6 to 4 miles daily) and try not to take any taxis again during March. Finally, I also need to work on stretching. Barely being able to bend at the waist during the last few months has done a number on my overall flexibility and I really need to work on regaining that so I can eventually go back to Pilates.

Fashion: Time to reorganize my closets and move Spring & Summer clothes to the front and rearrange my coats & jackets so that shorter, lighter ones are more accessible. I love “spring cleaning” and refreshing my closet. Can’t wait to go to the Container Store for supplies. 🙂 It’s my happy place.

Tell me, how are you doing on your 2012 New Years Resolutions? Do you find yourself adjusting your goals & plans for 2012 as the year is unfolding in unexpected ways?

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