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I spend most of my waking hours in an office and as a result of that, a large portion of my wardrobe is dedicated to my work days. On top of that it can sometimes be hard to restart my brain to think about “street style” looks after spending all day at work or on the weekends. It’s not uncommon for me to wear wrap dresses to the farmer’s market and pencil skirts out for drinks. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I do love formality – but I am always trying to get my creative juices flowing so that I can style new & interesting looks for myself.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one in this same position.

So I decided to round-up some of the best street style snaps that I could find for Spring 2012 and try to up my game as the weather warms up. Turns out, a number of the great shots that I found were models which makes sense. They spend their lives surrounded by designers, stylists and chic photographers, their livelihood depends on selling clothes, and they’re really never off duty since brands are going to be more interested in hiring someone who everyone’s already talking about.


I’m a dress and skirt girl through and through so I’m always trying to encourage myself to put together more pants looks during my downtime. The common denominator for the three looks below is that they’re all relatively simplistic. Nothing so complicated as to be intimidating. They’re all composed of pants (duh), a top, a jacket and a pair of shoes. And while this is a pretty basic combination of pieces, they can be mixed and matched in a number of creative ways.

Taking just the topper, for example, you could go with a cardigan, a sweater, a leather jacket, a cropped coat, a blazer, a jean jacket… Get my drift?

{This looks is visually engaging for a number of reasons – The red jacket gives the eye a bright point to focus on, the slim jeans draw your attention to her long, slim legs, and her contrasting colored boots add a fun, funkiness. The extras give this outfit more “Rosie-ness.”}

{The red pants here are a great way to inject some color into an outfit. Rather than wearing basic jeans & a plain shirt, Miss Miranda keeps things exciting & fun by pairing brightly colored pants with a striped t. And her “extra” of choice? A jean jacket of course!}

{This outfit consists of fairly basic pieces but the end result is eye-catching. The unusual, asymmetrical coat is great on top and the patterned heels are the perfect final touch.}

Dresses & Skirts:

While dresses & skirts may be my bread and butter, I need to work on new pairings and mixing my pieces in exciting and creative ways. Adding a shirt underneath a shift dress, mixing prints, throwing traditional pairings out the door, and adding more color and patterns to daily dressing are all great ideas for keeping outfits fresh and new.

{Is it possible for a look to be more dramatic or bold  than this? I love that she mixed a traditional looking black & white tweed jacket with a bright, floral-inspired Spring frock. And why go for boring pumps when you can pair contrasting booties with the look? Well done!}

{Juju looks stylish and chic in anything-but-basic-black. This pleated shirt dress is adorable on its own, but pairing it with a gorgeous oversized tote and heeled sandals takes it to a new level. This could easily go from day-to-night with the addition of a jacket and some chunky costume jewelry.}

{One of the best ways to mix things up is to, well, mix things up! This look does a great job of combining the unexpected – demure polka dots, dainty vintage-style lace & bold stripes. The outcome here is a fun, flirty look that draws the attention.}

Weekend Casual:

Dressing down is a right of weekenders everywhere and we should be celebrating that right each and every weekend! Losing the suit or basic black uniform should be freeing and open our eyes to new and exciting alternatives. But being relaxed doesn’t have to mean dressing like a slob, as the pictures below show us, relaxed can also be oh so chic.

{Does anything say relaxed better than drawstring pants? But this look is hardly sweatpants & Ugg’s casual. I love the cuffed pants and heather t paired with a blazer, hat, and day clutch. She looks chic, but comfortable and down to earth.}

{I like the low-key vibe of this neutral striped look. The wide, pale stripes over the dark blue stripes was a great pairing. And the bright clutch & navy pumps were the perfect way to pull the look together.}

{A simple pair of black pants, white top and pop of color clutch really come together to make this a great, clean look. I love the gold boyfriend watch and cuff, they add a touch of chicness. And this is a great example of how to embrace the peplum trend without getting too far out of your comfort zone.}

Looking through these pictures definitely got me in the mood to break out of my style rut and try putting together some new and exciting looks. Are you interested in mixing up your day-to-day outfits as well? What new look are you determined to try out?

{Click on the images above to be taken to the original source}

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