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April Round-Up

It’s that time again!

Time for a new month to begin, and what better way to get it started than by looking back on the last month to see what was accomplished and what I’d like to get done during the next?

Reviewing April Goals:


Arianna and I are going to continue our weekly dinners and I want to focus on my portion sizes during April. I have a tendency to eat all of anything I make so I either need to stop making multiple servings when I’m home alone or learn to put my leftovers in the fridge and leave them there! (Easier said than done, obviously) I’m also going to be experimenting with my carb intake during April as I take the boyfriend through the joys of a plant-based diet. 🙂 Fingers crossed he can last the whole month!

 FAIL! This month was so hectic that Arianna and I didn’t even get around to seeing each other during April. We’re going to do better though, and hopefully I’ll have good news about our dinners and exercise days during my May Round-Up. And to top it all off, the boyfriend only lasted 6 painful days eating vegetarian… Six. Days. But that’s a story for another day. A long story.
This month is all about routine. Each day I need to do 45-60 minutes of physical therapy exercises, meet with my physical therapy once or twice a week, keep walking two and from work (1.3 miles each way) and I’m going to add a day of low-impact exercise like walking stairs – Coit Tower here I come!
I totally redeemed myself for my food fails here, I did a great job during April of doing my physical therapy and of adding some additional fitness to my routine – From push-ups and walking lunges to shorter hikes and some additional strength training moves.  I’m quite proud of myself and thrilled by how strong my core is becoming, I can really feel the difference.  
Time to get my booty to the Container Store and reorganize my closets. I went on a shoe-buying rampage during March so I definitely need to rearrange the hall closets and my walk-in to make my Spring things more easily accessible. Stay tuned for pictures of my progress!
DONE! My closets look great! I looked through all of my old pieces and set aside things to donate and reorganized all three of the closets to make the Spring & Summer clothes, shoes, and accessories more easily accessible. I also went through alllll of my jewelry and cleaned up my  drawers and boxes. Everything is clean and easy to get to, but who knows how long that’ll last…
New Goals for May:
Oh.My.Lord. My food choices lately have been borderline appalling (Bachelorette weekend gluttony, anyone?). I need to get back into my normal routines, despite the craziness of my work and personal schedules, and do 100% of my cooking at home during the week. I also need to get back into the habit of bringing my meals into work and carrying/traveling with snacks during the weekends. Stat.
Slow & steady wins the race. Not my favorite phrase, but true when it comes to physical therapy nonetheless. The month of May will be all about keeping up my daily physical therapy routine and adding in small amounts of additional activity just like I did last month – Push ups, longer plank holds, hikes, HIIT, and maybe even some weight training once my core is strong enough.
May is when The City By The Bay finally starts to warm up a bit. We’ve gotten some sunny days, but the air usually has some bite to it until May or even June. Now that the weather is finally warming up I’m absolutely determined to break out my collection of sundresses, printed maxis, and bright, patterned separates. I’m also planning to participate in Definitely RA’s Mission: Put Together – 2012 another fashion challenge for May. As much as I’d like to submit photos on a daily basis, I don’t think that’s a realistic goal for myself, I’m aiming for at least three submissions a week!
How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions so far in 2012? I feel like the furious pace of Spring & Summer this year have made it really easy to fall off my intended path and lose sight of my ambitious To Do Lists. Right now is when I’m going to really evaluate what I want to accomplish this year and make a new plan of attack for how best to achieve those goals.
When I think about what’s important to me, what matters, what’s worth the extra effort in my life, it’s actually a fairly simple equation. I want to be happy and healthy – that means eating well, keeping my body in good condition, reducing the stress in my daily life, and making time for the things that are important to me like spending time with the people I love, cooking, exercising, and giving into my passions for writing and fashion. My monthly goals are more than just a list to be checked off, it’s about checking in with myself and making sure that I’m focusing on what’s truly important.

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  3. Holly

    Slow and steady wins the race…I needed to read that today because I’m feeling a little bit frustrated with my own progress these days. (Maybe it’s all of the borderline appalling nutritional choices that *I’ve* been making as well) But life’s a marathon, not a sprint! Looking forward to a new month and a fresh start!

    May 3, 2012 at 3:16 PM

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