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The French Riviera – The 2012 Cannes Film Festival

The 2012 Cannes Film Festival – Othewise known as an Ode To Diane Kruger.

If the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala is the fashion industry’s prom, than the Cannes Film Festival is the Sadie Hawkins dance. For those of you without a public school education the Sadie Hawkins dance is where the girls are required to ask the guys. It’s a little funkier, less formal, and much more fun & relaxed.

From a fashion standpoint Cannes is broken up into three categories – red carpet gowns, cocktail-style frocks for photocalls & parties, and the gents, who don’t really seem to have a dress code. I have NO idea how I would pack for Cannes if I was ever invited… Can a floor-length gown fit a in a suitcase and still be wearable upon arrival?

Anyway, I doubt I’ll ever need to know the answer to that, so I’ll proceed with the eye candy – Enjoy!

{I was surprised to find that this gown was Nina Ricci rather than Chanel, but that’s sort of irrelevant as the point is that she looks phenomenal! It’s interesting and unique despite being a white gown, and she looks great.}

{As far as I’m concerned this was one of the most eye-catching and memorable looks at Cannes. Frequently the ladies go for dreamy and pretty on the red carpet, and as much as I love Elie Saab and Marchesa, a gown like this one is a breath of fabulous air!}

{Seventy-four. She’s seventy-four. I have nothing else to say, I’m busy gaping in awe.}

{I love this Dior gown, its fabulously old school. The pattern and the drama of the full skirt are a perfect combination.}

{Tilda doing what only Tilda can do. This Haider Ackermann gown suits her as it would suit no one else. As always. Do you think a brighter color would have suited her more though?}

{I absolutely adored the color and styling of Kirsten Dunst’s Christian Dior gown. The belt is perfect and she couldn’t have picked better accessories than the Louis Vuitton bag and jewelry.}

{Wow. Just wow.}

{She’s been in the biz forever and no one can argue that Miss Eva don’t know how to rock the red carpet. She serves up old school glamour like no one’s business! It’s pure perfection, from her intricate lace & sequin gown to her gorgeous jewels and pin curls.}

{No one does beautiful, dreamy red carpet gowns like Elie Saab. No one.}

{This Jason Wu dress is phenomenal. Sequined collar? Check. Lace mini skirt? Check. Sheer maxi skirt? Check. Seems like it would be too many elements, but Miss Diane makes wearing it look easy.}

{This sexy, slinky Roberto Cavalli gown suits Lui Wen to perfection. I like that this gown has a unique take on the black lace trend and is far from typical or boring.}

{What an outstanding gown! I love printed and patterned gowns on the red carpet. If they work, like this one does, they can be extraordinarily eye-catching and dramatic.}

{Ob. Sessed.}

And as breathtaking as the red carpet gowns are, we can’t forget the more casual attire for the parties, photocalls, celebrations, and the like. From sporty boat wear to chic suits and sheath dresses, these ladies and gentlemen did not disappoint.

{Love! This navy Marni suit has a great preppy, beachy feeling, and I love the tie and shoes. To be expected, Ewan McGregor can do no wrong in my book!}

{I love two toned dresses and this Roland Mouret coral and white dress is a beautiful, flattering version, The black bow belt is the perfect finishing touch!}

{Calvin Klein minimalism at it’s finest, this photo really illustrates the genius of Francisco Costa.}

{Love this! It’s girl next door meets biker chic. That blue is phenomenal on her, similar to her goddess gown above, and the black makes it a bit edgy and fashion-forward.}

{Simple but oh so chic. Well done Miss Nicole.}

{Kirsten Dunst looks pretty as a picture here, but it’s Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga outfit that steals the show. Those printed pants suit her to a T!}

And my favorite look of the entire 2012 Cannes Film Festival?

{This Vivienne Westwood gown couldn’t be more perfect for Diane Kruger. The cut, the style, the color, the fit… Absolute perfection. Wouldn’t change a single thing.}

{Source, Source, Source, Source, Source}

And don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the Amfar Gala, I have an entire post dedicated to it coming up later this week so stay tuned.

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  3. Khamillion

    Nice commentary and choices to highlight. Thank you!

    May 30, 2012 at 4:14 PM

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