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Want to take up running so that you can get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather instead of wither away inside at the gym? Couldn’t agree more! Running Tips: How To Get Started – Women’s Health.

Need some quick workout inspiration to get you motivated for bathing suit season? Check out this video – Valerie Waters: I Want My Bikini Body Express.


Curious about trying another way of eating so that you can feel your best? Read Experience Life’s Paleo Vs. Vegan for some interesting information.

If you want to eat healthier and like the idea of a meal-sized salad for dinner try these 5 Fresh Main-Course Salads from They’re packed with protein and hearty ingredients so you’ll be satiated and stay full afterwards. Not convinced? Read through Gena Hamshaw’s How To Fall In Love With Raw Food on Whole Living Daily. She’s the writer behind the wildly successful Choosing Raw website and one of the first blogs that I discovered when I took an interest in my personal health and eating better a few years ago. I highly recommend taking a look at what she has to say.

Over the years I’ve definitely been guilty of over-training. From twice-a-day workouts to skipping my rest days, I’ve gone through periods where I didn’t let soreness or exhaustion keep me out of the gym or off the trails. Not. Good. Are You Recovering, Or Are You Just Resting?

Better than Trader Joe's Kale Salad

Are you a fan of eggs? Check out Fit Bottomed Girls’ piece on 5 Fun Ways To Eat Egg Whites. Or are you a fan of kale? Try Shockingly Delicious’s Better Than Trader Joe’s Kale and Edamame Bistro Salad.


If you’re in the market for some great new earrings to complement your warm weather looks this season, look no further! Heels & Sunkissed Curls has you covered with DIY: Silk Tassel Earrings that are too stylish for words!

New York City has been one of the world’s fashion capitals for years, check of what everyone’s wearing there this Spring – Refinery 29’s Street Style Video: What’s Fresh On 5th Avenue.

Nothing says Summertime quite like braids to me. Refinery 29 and Cup of Joe both agree with me wholeheartedly. Check out Refinery 29’s DIY Braids piece – Genius New (Promise!) Ways To Braid Your Hair and A Cup of Jo’s Holiday Hair Tutorials, which also contains links to all sorts of other hairstyles, from buns to braids to ponytails. I plan to try them all!

Summer Shorts Roundup – 16 Summer Shorts In Evert Length You’ll Ever Want and Elle’s 2012 Denim Guide.

Miss Olivia is becoming something of a staple around here – From her adorable wedding season-appropriate outfit on last week’s Looks of the Week post, to her closet-organizing tips in Links You’ll Love, to Style File breakdowns on her great personal style. So what do I have for you today? Well, if you’re liking interesting patterns and prints for Summer she’s got the goods for you – How To Rock: The Tribal Touch.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my kale salad! I also have half a dozen other deelish kale salads on, for those who are kale lovers!

    June 4, 2012 at 2:01 PM

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