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June Round-Up

How’s is everyone’s summer going? I’ve been alternating between Sacramento and San Francisco for the past few weeks and I have to say that my summer has been HOT HOT HOT!

June was quite a month for me, it started off with a spinal procedure but things went uphill after that and I even got some much-needed family time in – my cousin’s birthday, my aunt’s jubilee birthday – and a house-hunting trip in Sonoma with my youngest cousin (post coming soon).

June Goal Recap:

My food goals for June are going to be more specific than usual, my boyfriend is competing in a food challenge with his gym and as a result I’ll have more control over my weekend eating habits. Ya! Here’s the basic breakdown:
  • No restaurants
  • No takeout
  • No processed foods
  • Cook for every meal
  • Pay attention to portion sizes


Not only did I follow the rules that I set out for myself with the exception of one (totally necessary) chow mein order at the end of the month, I also got back into my habit of doing lots of Sunday Prep to get ready for my long work weeks.


My next round of physical therapy starts in a week so once again it’s time to work really hard on my exercises but make a conscious effort not to push myself too hard. Too much will send me back to the starting line, so I need to really listen to my body and acknowledge when I can’t do something even when I want to try. I’m also going to amp up my daily walking routine. Currently I walk 1.4 miles to work, and then home again. In addition to this I’m going to implement a short afternoon walk Monday through Thursday, as well as another taxi moratorium on weekends.

I was a walking machine this month. I walked to and from work, ran errands on foot, walked to appointments, went for afternoon pleasure walks, and even did all my shopping the old-fashioned way!


Unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in Definitely RA’s Mission: Put Together May fashion challenge as much as I wanted to – SOB – so I’m going set a few goals for myself for June to make it up to myself.

  1. No wearing all black every day. Black dresses for work and weekends are fine, so long as the accessories take them up a notch and making them interesting and unique.
  2. I’m awful at doing my hair. Awful. I pull it back into a simple bun 95% of the time. For June I’m going to make an effort to “style” it as much as possible. Pictures forthcoming. Hopefully.
  3. Weekends are for color during June – As little black on weekends as possible. I’m scared already!!!

I’m thrilled with my progress on this front I have to admit. I was creative, Summery, and was able to keep my motivation & inspiration up all month-long – Pleats & Peplums, Mission: Put Together 2012Workin’ That Tee. I also got to indulge my love of vintage jewelry and attended the Sasha Maks Vintage Jewelry Trunk Show and got myself a fun new piece to worship.

You can see more details about my June day-to-day life & routines in the Listing and MCLV in 24 Hours posts.

New Goals For July:

July is going to be another busy month with a visit from my brother & his fiance, a work anniversary party in Sacramento, a weekend in Tahoe, and getting some fun pictures taken. Should be fun!


I’m not looking to make any big changes with my diet or eating habits this month, just try to stay on track and try not to let my busy schedule or weekends away derail my healthy eating habits. It’ll be all about Sunday Prep Days, keeping healthy options around at all times – desk, purse, apartment – and carrying hearty, filling snacks with me, both during the day and while I’m traveling.


Physical therapy here I come. Time to step things up a notch, add more extra exercises and really prove to my physical therapist and doctor that I’m getting strong enough to proceed with the next steps in my treatment. Waiting for someone else to give me the green light is by far the most frustrating part of this injury, I feel helpless and that’s not a feeling that I’m used to.


As Summer persists I’d like to continue wearing lots of colors and prints on weekends and during evenings out. I have patterned dresses and some colorful separates for work and I’ll also continue to make an effort to incorporate less black in my daily looks, but obviously there’s a bit more formality and less flexibility or chance for creativity when it comes to office wear, so I’ll be focusing on my downtime looks.

I hope everyone has a great July!

Do you like to set goals for yourself each month? Or do you prefer to see month-end as a chance to check in on your progress for the year and make sure you’re heading in the right direction(s)?

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