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Happy Thursday!

This little blogger is currently heading towards Tahoe for a much-needed long weekend and I thought a little celebratory pretty was in order to help everyone get through their days. So enjoy some of the fun & fabulous pictures I’ve discovered recently from a couple of my Pinterest boards.

I Use Therefore I Am:

As I ‘ve said before, I’m a Chanel girl through and through and really love their products. Clearly I’m not the only one! {Blame It On Fashion}

I absolutely adore Kiehl’s products – They are deeply moisturizing and always feel clean and don’t clog up your skin. My favorite product is their Kiehl’s Midight Recovery Concentrate – Fabulous! {Italian blogger & Fashion It Girl Eleonora Grazia}

Coconut oil is one of the best discoveries that I’ve made in the last few years. Not only can you find it virtually anywhere, from grocery stores to high-end spas, it’s a miracle product that can be used for everything from cooking healthy dishes to moisturizing your skin and hair. Can’t. Live. Without. {Top model & Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel}


I’m totally on board with faux tattoos – It’s a playful, reversible means of self-expression. Especially fun at music festivals and other hippilicious events. Add glitter and I’m even more excited. Add lips? Oh Yes, I’m allll over it! {Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salade}

How gorgeous is this? I adore vintage jewelry as well as boxes, dishes & stands for holding it.  {This Is Luster – Fashion Blog}

I mean – SERIOUSLY? Have you ever seen anything that’s utterly adorable than this little guy? He’s like a puppy & baby seal mix. {Oh-so-sexy supermodel Anne V}


Splitting my time between San Francisco, Sacramento, and Sonoma means that I keep a travel kit packed at all times, so it’s fund to see what other people take with them they travel. {Kelly Framel aka The Glamourai}

I legitimately laughed out loud when I saw this picture because these are basically all of my essentials when I fly. Add some fashion magazines and this is precisely what you find in my purse. {My snacking doppelgänger The Hungry Hungry Hippie}

My go-to luggage is the Longchamp le Pliage series, I adore their bags because they’re light, take up no room when they’re folded up, and can easily be cleaned. This photo is extra special though because it includes my bridesmaid bouquet the day after my best friend married the love of her life in the most beautiful San Diego wedding! {MCLV}


Mine wasn’t nearly as pretty as this, but the Chocolate Cherry Zucchini Bread that I made was quite tasty. Such a fun, tasty Summer recipe. {The Wannabe Chef – The reason I’m going to get FAT}

I can’t get enough of cool, fruity smoothies this Summer. I’ve been drinking one nearly every morning so I’ve been keeping an eye out for exciting new recipes to try. {OhSheGlows}

Now THAT’S a dessert table! This fashion event took their dessert table to a whole new stylish level! {Alice+Olivia}

Belle Maison:

I saw this print and immediately ordered it. Too. Perfect. {Etsy}

Isn’t this a killer vintage chair? I could think of multiple places to put a piece this gorgeous in my apartment and my soon-to-be house in Sonoma. {Fashion blogger & amazing interior decorator Aimee Song of Song of Style}

I LOVE a primarily white room and this one really caught my eye. It’s like a gorgeous house in the French country side filled with antiques. Swoon! {The Simply Luxurious Life}

Which of the pictures above was your favorite? Are you a fan of Pinterest? Since you discovered Pinterest what aspect do you like best?

{Photos all from my Pinterest account – I’ve done my best to site these shots, but you can head over to Pinterest and follow the pictures back to their original sources if your curious}

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  1. Great inspiration!!

    Ps.: following on Bloglovin’

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    August 4, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Your site is lovely, I’ll definitely be following you so that I can see what you come out with next! 🙂

      August 5, 2012 at 2:29 PM

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