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MCLV Mange: Hemp Salad

As I mentioned in my July Round-Up post my friend Arianna and I have gotten back into the habit of having a healthy dinner once a week. She walks over after work and we chat and catch up while I throw something together, usually based on what I was able to find at the Farmers Market the previous weekend.

For this dish I was initially inspired by the amazing OhSheGlow’s Speedy Summer Hemp Power Salad but my food processor was having none of it so I ended up just using the veggies that I had on hand and topping them with a handful of hemp seeds and my current obsession – Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Dressing.

And of course I had seconds…

And then there was dessert in the form of Purely Twins’s (formerly Pure 2 Raw) Hemp Protein Muffins made with Sun Warrior Protein Powder in chocolate flavor instead of hemp-based protein powder.

Super quick and easy, only a few ingredients, and the end result was, despite the less than flattering exterior, dense and chewy. You could tell that they were “healthy” and made with protein powder so I’m going to try to tweak the recipe in the future, but I enjoyed them.

And a second dessert of vegan chocolate ice cream made simply with blended frozen bananas, a splash of vanilla extract, and some raw cacao powder.


I have to admit, I think that both of these desserts probably deserve their own separate post… Oh well, I guess that means that I’ll have to make them again!

If you’re in the mood for a fabulous Summer salad like this one, here’s some inspiration: Eat, Live, Run’s Seven Summer Salads, OhSheGlow’s super creative 5 More Reader Favourite Salad Recipes, and Choosing Raw’s Salads Beyond Salads.

Stay tuned for the next MCLV Mange installment or check out previous posts from this series to see what you’ve missed so far:

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