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September Round-Up

It’s hard to contemplate, but it would appear that September – and Summer – are officially over. Fall is my favorite season by a long shot, but I find that I’m still having trouble letting go of Summer. Lots of trouble.

September Goals:


I still plan to be social and I will keep up the weekly dinners with Arianna, but I want to reduce wine  consumption to once or twice a month, rather than every weekend, and eat a primarily raw diet this month. Monday through Friday I usually eat raw for three of my four meals – Smoothies, fruit, salad, nuts, veggies & hummus – and then roasted or sautéed vegetables with tofu, tempeh, quinoa or seitan for dinner. For September I’d like to eat primarily raw during the week, then have more flexibility over the weekends.

Munch. Munch. Munch. I’ve been snacking up a storm this month, and per my plan at the beginning of the month, mostly raw snacks. My portion sizes have been well controlled which is important, but I’m essentially eating at all times.

I also tried the So Delicious mini ice cream sandwiches that I’ve been seeing all Summer – So. Good. So good in fact that I almost wish I’d never crossed that line because there’s clearly no going back!


Finally it’s time to report some good news on this front! My latest doctor’s appointment was quite positive so in addition to continuing physical therapy I’ll be increasing my hours at work. This means that I can start going downstairs to the gym for a mid-day workout during the week. I. Am. So. Excited.

Unfortunately I was overly enthusiastic about the progress I was going to be able to make in September. There were a few bumps along the road but I was able to consistently keep up with my physical therapy and add one or two extra workouts a week – Including a fun weight vest workout.


I love Fall. I love love love Fall. I’ve had fun with colors, prints, and lighter fabrics all Summer – not to mention wearing shorts for the first time since Junior High – but I have to admit that I’m thrilled for Fall to arrive so that I can break out my outerwear and cold weather accessories.

Most of the MCLV Style Posts in September were catching up on Summer looks –  IFBCON Day One, IFBCON Day Two, Styling 101 – Rock n’ Roll Chic, Date Night & Symphony Gala – but there are some fun Fall looks that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. I’ve also done a bit of shopping to prepare for the cooler weather – Stay tuned for a Fall Must Haves post!

{Left to Right: New blazers from Piperlime, pieces from the Nicole Richie for Macys Impulse collection & Zara necessities}

New Goals for October:

My primary goal for October is to make myself a priority. That may sound a bit selfish but I feel as though we modern ladies spend so much time thinking about everyone in our lives – significant other, friends, family, colleagues – and putting effort into our daily routines, that we tend to forget about ourselves. October will be about my health, my goals, my writing – I’m going to make an effort to really enjoy my passions and spend time on my hobbies.


I’m going to participate in the Green Thickies 7 Day Meal Replacement Green Smoothie Challenge at the beginning of October  – And I’m really looking forward to it. Rather than replace a single meal each day I’ll aim for consuming 2-3 smoothies a day plus raw fruit and vegetables. I’ll track my nutrients via the My Fitness Buddy Android app and share my nutritional intake from the challenge with you all afterwards!


While I’ll be keeping up with my walking and physical therapy, what I’m most excited about for October fitness wise is finally getting to my 2012 Bucket List. Sean and I made a list of fun San Francisco things to try – like bike riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, the Lands End hike, and kayaking in the Bay – but there were too many tourists around in this Summer so we’re going to finally tackle the list this Fall. Updates and cheesy pictures to follow!


Bring on the accessories! My favorite parts of Fall are the extras – From fabulous outerwear to chic gloves, scarves & pashminas, hats, and boots. You’ll notice that my Fall style is all about layering, I love mixing up my pieces and piling on the accessories. I also have something of an outerwear obsessions. I have dozens of blazers, wool & cashmere jackets, trench coats etc. Can’t wait to break them out!

Are you looking forward to Fall? What’s your favorite part about Fall from a fashion standpoint – The layers, the accessories, the outerwear?

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