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November Round-Up

November is one of my favorite months in San Francisco – The weather is clear & bright but chilly and perfect for Fall outerwear, the tourists start disappearing, and the city is filled with fun events and holiday decorations. This November was no different, it was a beautiful month filled with fun fashion events {Sasha Maks Vintage Trunk Show & The Factory’s Voyage To Marrakech} and lots of holiday cheer.

And shopping. Lots and lots of shopping.

November Goals:


The boyfriend and I have a potentially dangerous love of Indian food so we’ll definitely be putting a cap on the amount of takeout we’re allowed to order during November, we’ll probably try to limit it to once or twice. Luckily we both love to cook – though we don’t eat even remotely a like – so I’m sure November will be full of trips to the Farmers Market & grocery stores, cooking, and “family” dinners.


I did an ABSURD amount of baking this month. Absurd. Between constant birthdays at my office and the sticky sweet Thanksgiving holiday, I must have baked at least 2-3 new dessert recipes each week in November. Luckily all of the treats were vegan and gluten-free, and a few were even raw, so I somehow don’t really feel like I ate too poorly this month.


In addition to chugging along with my physical therapy I’m sure that November will be chock full of walks and hiking. Sean and I are both huge proponents of walking for fitness and low-intensity fasted cardio {see his guest post on this topic here} so I’m hoping that in addition to my 1.4 mile walk to and from work, we can institute an afternoon stroll each day.

Along with 2.5 mile walk Saturday and Sunday and daily walks to and from work, I added a 3.5 mile walk once or twice a week for the month of November and it felt great. I also added one or two small workouts to my physical therapy regime each week and found that the extra walking was a great way to loosen up my sore muscles. Walking cures all as far as I’m concerned. 🙂


Oh and this definitely cures all! If you’re not regularly rolling out your muscles – either with a foam or PVC roller – than you’re seriously missing out.


I’m BEYOND excited to have my “photographer” in-house for most of the month and I’m sure I’ll be dragging him all over the city to take fashion shots. Hopefully this will mean that I will have some workwear and low-key weekday looks to share with you during the month of November in addition to the usual weekend outfits.

There were lots of photo shoots during November, including the extremely fun Styling 101: Holiday Dressing shoot with Sasha Maks Vintage and Mystery Mister. I’m also thrilled to say that I’m going to be helping a friend expand her blog to include personal street style photographs – I love photography and I’m incredibly excited to start this project.


{Some of my recent looks – Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, Prim & Proper, Lady of the NightDitzy Fox, Birthday BonanzaAnimalistic & Pardon My French}

New December Goals:

My real mission for December is to RELAX. I have a TONS of work, social engagements, and MCLV projects in the pipeline that will require lots of travel, time & effort this month. And since I have no desire to end 2012 as a stress ball December will be about taking things one day at a time, deep breathing, massages, and relaxing so that I can ENJOY all of my activities rather than stress out over them. Oh, and get lots of sleep!

‎”Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” – Benjamin Franklin


I’m not planning to give myself too much grief over my diet in December – My goal is to eat as clean as possible during the week and on weekends, and to relax and enjoy myself at parties & events.


Since December inevitably means tons of cocktail parties, desserts, and dinners on the food & booze front as well as lots of travel, I need to be really diligent about maintaining my physical therapy routine. I’ll be much better equipped to handle traveling if my core is especially strong and I’m feeling stretched out and limber.


December is all about fashion & jewelry collaborations and photo shoots! In December I’ll be sharing the fabulous photographs from holiday and New Years Eve inspired shoots as well as a handful of new Styling 101 guest posts that include Winter styling tips for everything from rainy days to holiday parties to family time.

What do you have planned for December? Are you in full-blown Holiday mode or are you still easing into things (and being stubborn) like I am?

If you’re not sure where you start in your December planning take a look at Gala Darling’s Your December Activity Guide! which includes fabulous holiday activities like Christmas cards, DIY decorations, and delicious treats you should indulge in!

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