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Links You’ll Love

Links You’ll Love

Fashion & Beauty:

If you gentlemen are wondering how to begin wardrobe or style overhaul then this guide from Attire Club is the perfect starting point for you – Beginner’s Guide: A List Of 20 Style Tips Which Cover The Basics.


The key to creating a swoon-worthy wardrobe is the ability to use the same pieces in new and interesting ways – Skillfully mixing your separates can exponentially increase the number of outfit choices you have when you step into your closet. Check out The Glamourai’s An Outfit For Any Occasion for some great tips & recommendations!

Who knows how long the mixing prints trend will last so you should enjoy the amazing combinations while you can! Get inspired over at WhoWhatWear with their piece Steal Her Style: Clashing Prints.

A head-to-toe monochrome look is one of those styles that manages to look effortless and oh-so-chic at the same time, which is a fabulous combination. You’ll be dying to try this style after scanning the gorgeous shots in B a La Moda’s Looks Monocolor post.


As you’ve probably discovered by now, I’m a big fan of denim. And it looks like I’m not the only one! If you’re a fan of chambray and the perfect pair of jeans you’ll LOVE If You’re Thinking About… Summer Denim from The Sartorialist.

Health & Fitness:

While comfort food is a must, bad-for-you comfort food isn’t. Craving fries? Try making these Too Delicious To Dip Sweet Potato Fries instead for a healthier indulgence.

HIIT is the best way to get through your cardio so check out FitSugar’s Burn Calories, Blast Fat, and Save Time: 7 Minutes Is All You Need for some great new tips to try.


Embarking on a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to mean forgoing all of the indulgences in your previous diet. It’s about making better choices, not depriving yourself. Try this Enlightened Carrot Cake recipe from Chef Amber Shea.

With stress and stress-related illnesses on the rise it’s important to focus on finding your inner peace. Not sure where to start? Read this – Easy Ways To Slow Down & Find Balance.


When you read the labels on your supplements and vitamins you’ll be blasted with information – Take on an empty stomach! Don’t eat for 30 minutes! Take with a meal! Curious when you should pop them? Learn the Best Time of Day to Take Vitamins.

Links You’ll Love

Do you let a bad mood ruin your day? It happens to us all and the consequences can be rough. Here are some GREAT tips on how to keep that from happening – 5 Ways to Flip your Bad Mood from Organized Clutter.

Health & Fitness:


Sometimes you just can’t fight your sweet tooth. It happens to the best of us. Eating a healthy diet is about not going to extremes – So try a healthier treat to keep yourself on track rather than succumbing to junk food cravings – Frozen Coconut Macademia Bars.

Gut bacteria and its role in a health and weight loss has been a frequent topic of discussion in the media in recent months. If you haven’t read up on this topic this piece should be of interest to you – Bacteria in the Intestines May Help Tip the Bathroom Scale.

As bathing suit season is upon us keeping your abs in shape becomes more and more important, check out these great Pilates moves from Women’s Health – 8 Pilates Ab Exercises.


In the last Links You’ll Love post I included an article on all the reasons to try wheatgrass so this week I wanted to share some great reasons to add Chlorophyll to your healthy diet – Why You Should Love Chlorophyll.

Are you a fan of snacking like I am? Finding new snacks to try to ways to make healthy choices can be a challenge – So why not take some advice from an expert. FAQ With a Vegan Chef: What kind of snacks do you eat?

Fashion & Beauty:


Stripes are a must for Spring year-after-year, the key is to put a modern twist on them and find interesting ways to pair them and create new looks. Nicole Warne – aka Gary Pepper Girl – is here to teach us just how to do that – How To Wear: Breton Stripes.

Each season there are a handful of great pieces that you can find that will instantly revive and modernize your wardrobe – Pieces that are versatile and can help you put together look after look. The same goes for men and women, so check out what Stylist Brad Goreski suggests for you gentlemen this season – Brad Goreski on Men’s Fashion: Stylist Shares His 6 Must-Have Pieces for Summer.

During Spring Cleaning each year I store my Fall & Winter wardrobe and rearrange the pieces in my closet to make dressing easier for that season. Here are some great tips for reorganizing this year – Accessories: Moving from Winter to Summer Shoes…


A neutral bag is a must every season – A handbag that goes with everything and can seamlessly translate from day-to-night. And this fun DIY project is just the way to make the perfect bag for yourself this year – DIY Celine Structured Clutch.

Ombre is everywhere this year – From hair color to maxi dresses to accessories – Trends We Love: Ombre Obsession.

Links You’ll Love

Fashion & Beauty:

Are you a fan of topping your looks with a chic little blazer? Check out Refiner’s 29’s Challenge Accepted! Watch How Our Editor Styles 1 Blazer 5 Ways for some creative new ideas!


I don’t know about you, but I love a quick & easy up-do during the Summer, it’s the perfect way to get your hair out of your face. For Sure J’Adore clearly agrees – Easy Summer Hair: Braids.

This season is all about sunglasses – Bold colors, fun embellishments – There are some great pairs out there. In the mood to get creative? Try The StyleList’s DIY: Two-Tone Sunglasses.

Still in the market for the perfect Father’s Day Gift? Apartment 34 to the rescue – Fab Father’s Day Gifts You Can Still Get!


This Summer’s new trend in carry-alls is a bit of a throwback. Backpacks are back! Don’t believe me? Check out Into The Gloss’s Knapsack Nation for some of the options out there.

Health & Fitness:

Whether you love to bake or are a fan of adding something sweet to your morning coffee, this is an article you should read – The 5 Best Natural Substitutes For Sugar.


Now’s the time that the Farmers Markets and grocery stores are flooded with tons of colorful, fresh produce so it’s the perfect time to whip up some delicious vegetable filled dishes:

One of the biggest health risks in our modern society is stress. Not only can it play a role in ailments like heart disease, it can also lead to weight gain, interfere with sleep, and cause depression & anxiety. Read this now – Why Stress Can Kill You: A Cardiologist Explains!


There are a lot of supplements & superfoods & healthy foods touted as “miracle cures” today and it can be hard to figure out which you should try and why they may help. Here are some interesting facts about Wheatgrass to help educate you – 50 Reasons To Drink Wheatgrass Everyday.

Links You’ll Love

I wanted to start off this week’s Links You’ll Love post with a motivational video from Marie Forleo aptly entitled How to Move Ahead When “Everything Sucks.” We’ve all been there and this is a great way to get yourself moving in a productive direction – Enjoy!

Health & Fitness:

When it comes to sweeteners there are more choices today than ever – Sugar, Splenda, Stevia, Agave Nectar, Sweet n’ Low… The list goes on and on. If you’re curious about which products are best for you check out this Guide To Natural Sweeteners.


If you want to make the most of your gym sessions there some common mistakes you should be sure to avoid – True or False: 5 Fitness Myths, Debunked!

Both athletes and gym junkies have their share of habits, routines, and superstitions when it comes to workout fuel. What to eat beforehand. What to eat afterwards. Read Five Pre-Workout Fuel Secrets for Athletes and learn more!


While I firmly believe that every body has a different ideal diet, it is always interesting, and educational, to stay abreast of current studies and research when it comes to health and nutrition. Check out Reginery 29’s No Whey: What Milk Really Does To Your Body.

What’s better than a workout that turns your arms to jelly? A killer playlist that keeps you pumped up and motivated for the entire workout! Home Workout Help: 20 Minutes to Tank Top Arms from PopSugar.

Fashion & Beauty:

One of the most enduring and classic pieces a woman, or a man, can have in their closet is a well-made, well-fitting blazer. If you need some creative new ways to pair yours check out 14 Perfect-For-Spring Blazers We Want Now for some fun new styles.


Do you dress for men? Over the years my motivation and thought process when it comes to dressing for an occasion has changed – I mean, once you realize most men don’t notice if you chop 10 inches off your hair you realize how silly it is to agonize over which pair of shoes to wear. But what happens when a blind date comments on your outfit choice? Tales of Endearment – Skirting Around The Issue.

Are you a fan of nail art? Why not make your trips to the salon or home manicures last a little longer? Check out StyleList’s 6 Secrets to Make Your Manicure Last Longer.


Without a doubt my favorite event each year is the Met Gala – Check my past reviews here {Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala 2011} and here {MET Maddness}. Are you as curious as I am about this year’s event? Read Fashionologie’s Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About the 2013 Met Gala.

If retro inspired hairstyles are right up your alley for Spring then this tutorial is a must read – A Step-By-Step Guide to Zoe Saldana’s Thirties-Era Waves.

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Links You’ll Love

Health & Fitness:

Rest days and giving your body time to heal itself are vital in not only maintaining a healthy life, but in losing weight or gaining muscle. Read 7 Often Overlooked Signs of Overtraining from Fit Bottomed Girls for some tips on making sure you’re spacing out your workouts.


Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods and I love finding new recipes to add to my repertoire – I loved The Fitnessista’s South West Sweet Potatoes so I was excited to try her Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.

You know that relaxed, unhurried, peace-of-mind you have when you’re on vacation? Well what if you could channel that mindset during your 9to5? Intriguing. I know. Check out The Practice of Work Mind & Vacation Mind, Simultaneously from Zen Habits and prepare to be amazed.

vegangranolabars   Banana Bread Protein Bars

Finding a healthy protein bar that doesn’t cost a small fortune can be a challenge, so why not try making your own? You can’t lose with OhSheGlows’s amazing Banana Bread Protein Bars.

This time of year allergies are a frequent hot button issue. From insomnia and headaches to depression and fatigue – They can be at the root of many common ailments – 4 Hidden Allergy-Related Problems.

Fashion & Beauty:


I’m an avid blog reader and as a result I see lots of DIY posts. But rarely does one jump out at me and scream “make me now!” quite like this one did – Pardon My French DIY from The Daily Savant.

Why not go green and celebrate this Spring by trying out some fun, eco-friendly pieces? WhoWhatWear rounds up some seriously cute lines that you should try – Get Green With This Completely Sustainable Outfit.

It’s happened to all of us – The dreaded wardrobe malfunction. And I’m not talking about Janet Jackson, I mean tearing a seam, realizing your hemline came unraveled, visible bra straps, breaking a heel… Check out how the experts deal with these issues with Lucky Magazine’s 17 Lucky Editor Secrets For Surviving a Wardrobe Emergency.


Does anything say Spring better than a flirty ponytail? Check out A Trendy Life’s adorable Ponytail Round-Up for all the fun inspiration you could need for warm weather updos.

In the market for some cute new sunglasses for Spring? Check out Warby Parker’s Great Gatsby themed 1922 Collection or some of these other great retro versions – Spring Sunglasses.

Links You’ll Love


If you’re looking for some great new products to try or tips & suggestions for mixing up your morning beauty routine then you’ll love this tutorial video from Peace Love Shea – Beauty Tips & Tricks.


My favorite Spring 2013 collect was Marc Jacob’s amazing retro-inspired show for Louis Vuitton – I’m a lover of all things Mod and my closet is filled with shift dresses, drop waists, and boatnecks. My favorite parts of that collection were the yellow hues and the bold checkered print – If you’re an inspired by those pieces as I was check out WhoWhatWear’s Check Mate for a real world version.

I’m not sure if it’s all the music festival and Coachella chatter or just Spring fever but I’m attracted to all things fringe right now, and I’m clearly not the only one – Summer 2013 Trend: The Fringe.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – The modern man should have a great fitting, classic suit in his repertoire. Still trying to find the right one? Here’s all the inspiration you need – Italian style – The Suit.

Tis the season for… Maxis! The Sartorialist did us all a favor and captured some lovely shots of one of Spring’s maxi trends – Grey dresses. It’s the perfect transitional color as we all wait for the weather to even out since you can pair it with black, white, or even brights – If You’re Thinking… Long Grey Dresses.

Health & Fitness:


Are you a fan of donuts-for-breakfast but don’t love the hefty dose of guilt that goes with them? Peas And Thank You to the rescue – Super Healthy Banana Breakfast Donuts.

Did you enjoy my Fitness Friday: Workout Q&A? If you’re interested in learning more about fueling your workouts check out The Fitnessista’s What To Eat Before And After A Workout for some tips & recommendations for making healthy choices.


Want to try a healthy new take on traditional sushi? Check out Carrie On Vegan’s “California-Style” Vegan Sushi Rolls for a creative, tasty recipe that recreates a traditional sushi roll using veggies and hummus as a base.

One of the most important factors to living a healthy, happy life is getting a enough sleep. Without sufficient rest your body can’t recover from workouts, your memory and concentration will be effected, you’ll even find it harder to say no to unhealthy foods and snacking. Before hitting the sack read T Nation’s Fascinating Facts About Sleep for interesting facts to keep in mind.

Another factor that can have a big impact are your stress levels – From ulcers and heart disease to insomnia and anxiety – Stress can affect virtually every aspect of your life. Read Lift Big Eat Big’s Is Stress Making You Weak? and learn more about how stress might be hindering your workout goals.

Links You’ll Love

Let’s start this week’s Links You’ll Love round-up with some positivity and a reminder to be a good friend AND a good person. I loved both of these pieces and really wanted to share them:

Health & Fitness:

Sometimes making a spa date isn’t in the cards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax and pamper yourself at home! Check out 15 Minute Beauty Wars’s great post At Home Spa Pampering: How I Cram Hours of Pampering into 90 Minutes or Less.

I find it endlessly fascinating when more mainstream publications – Like Refinery 29 – Report on cult-like topics that I’ve been reading about, studying, and/or trying for what seems like years. Such as the Paleolithic Diet which has been popular with CrossFitters for quite some time. Read R21’s take here.


If you’re revamping your fitness routine or just starting out you may be asking yourself just what you should be doing and how much – When I first became a gym junkie I was all about cardio machines, but as I educated myself more and discovered what worked best for my body I started skipping the machines in favor of weight training – Check out my latest Beginners Fitness post – All About Medicine Balls.


While I personally haven’t worn overalls since childhood there’s no denying they’re everywhere this Spring. And there are some fashion bloggers out there who are putting together some great looks! Check out NYC based We Wore What’s Overall Army & Second Skin or The Man Repeller’s More Overalls? for some serious overall inspiration.

If you’re a classicist like I am, stripes will always be in for Spring. They’re versatile, flattering, and each season there’s a fun new twist to apply to them – What’s not to love? WhoWhatWear agrees – The stripes trend is everywhere. How can I get the look?


The Coveteur is a great site for fashion inspiration and drool worthy photographs of closets, beauty products, accessories, and the like.  One of the best features they’ve done recently was on Virginie Dhello – Fashion Editor; Consultant; Founder, Swoon.

Happy Easter – Big plans for your holiday?

Links You’ll Love


What’s better than free advice from experts? Nothing! Check out Refinery 29’s A Superstar Stylist Offers Up The Wardrobe Of Your Dreams and get ready to get inspired.


As you’ve probably picked up by now, I’m madly in love with chambray for Spring – It’s light, flattering, and extremely versatile – What’s not to love? If you’re up for a fun weekend project than give Cupcakes & Cashmere’s DIY: Distressed Chambray a try.

If you enjoyed my How To Apply Fashion Week To YOU post then you’ll probably like this similar round-up from Olivia Palermo – Fall 2013 Trend Report.

If the casual chicness of a kimono is your go-to style than this post from Prim And Propah is for you – Pattern Project: Simplicity New Look 6072 Misses’ Kimono.


If you’re looking at a fun printed dress for Spring but aren’t sure how versatile it’ll be, thank this is a Must Read piece for you – 3 Ways To Wear A Geometric Print Dress.

Health & Fitness:


My all time favorite indulgence is Indian food – These savory, spicy dishes are the perfect end to a long day or a stressful week. So when my favorite baker The Wannabe Chef published this Chana Masala recipe I was all over it – Smitten Kitchen’s Chana Masala.

Smoothies are great for a number of reason – If you don’t like eating breakfast they’re a perfect way to get a dose of nutrients first thing, they’re also perfect for refueling after a workout. Check out Mod City Mag’s Drink Up that Protein for some more information.

This list made me laugh and nod dramatically even though I was reading it alone so I decided I needed to share it with you all – 23 Things I’ve Learned About Love from the fabulous Garance Dore.


Want a sweet treat without the calories and guilt? Try Fat Free Vegan’s Strawberry Whip for a delicious, Summery dessert filled with healthy, wholesome ingredients.

If you’re interested in trying out new methods of eating in order to find optimal results than intermittent fasting might be something for you to read up on – Along with Low-Intensity Fasted Cardio. So check out Outside Online’s Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Links You’ll Love



My favorite trendy Fashion Blogger accessory? French bulldogs. My second favorite trendy accessory? Celine bags! My Precious Confessions’ Top 10 Fashion Blogger It-Bags.

Sometimes it just isn’t in the cards to try all of the new trends each season – They don’t suit you or you don’t have any interest or you’re saving up for something else. A great, and less expensive, way to mix things up each season is to pick up some fun new accessories that you can mix into your existing pieces – 12 New Accessory Trends We Can’t Wait To Try.

One of the dreamiest blogs with the most gorgeous, fantasy-inducing photography is Gary Pepper Vintage. Oh, and she has an amazing fashion sense – WhoWhatWear’s Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage.


If you’re sick of clumped necklaces and sorting through mismatched earrings it might be time to organize your jewelry collection. And I Spy DIY’s DIY Home: Jewelry Storage might be the answer.

One of the fun trends this Spring is Letterman and varsity jackets, not sure where to start? Check out The Sartorialist’s picks – If You’re Thinking About……. Baseball Jackets.

Health & Fitness:


One of the best ways to have a healthy week is to plan out your meals and do your grocery shopping in advance so that you have clean, healthy options available – Plan and prep: an hour of clean eats.

The crock pot is a very versatile kitchen appliance, check out this post on how to use your slow cooker for roasting – Hungry Hungry Hippie’s Roasting in the crock-pot.


Fresh pesto is a thing of beauty. And oil. Try this delicious, fresh recipe and get your pesto fix – Green Powerhouse Pesto Plate.

Managing your stress levels and keeping up with your busy life can be a challenge this day in age so being aware of how you feel and how things affect you is important. Check out Prevention’s How To Prevent Job Burn Out for some interesting tips & suggestions to keep you motivated.

If you’re like me, keeping track of you workouts and activities is a great way to stay inspired and keep your fitness routine interesting and effective. Fitocracy is a great new site that lets you not only track your workouts, but interact with and get inspired by others.

Links You’ll Love



Finding fabulous new sites to enjoy is a favorite pastime of mine and I wanted to share my latest blog crush – Veblen High. I mean, seriously, with a description like this, how was I not going to become addicted?

WTF is a Veblen high? It’s a provoked state of intoxicating, stimulating, euphoria (similar to the effects of drugs/alcohol/sex) induced by the purchase of Veblen goods. Symptoms include high- feelings of relaxation, enchantment, pride, self-worth, dominance and a public display of social status.

Colorful and bold are always fun options when it comes to accessories but sometimes an outfit just screams for a neutral hued bag. Not sure where to start? Bag Snob of course – Best Beige Clutches: Caught Blushing.

If the idea of cropped pants and shorts is too shocking for you right now why not try out the boyfriend jean trend? Luckily for those of us new to this style one of my favorite bloggers, Lovely by Lucy, tackled this topic recently – How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans: Part 5.

Starting to get bored with your cold-weather looks as you’re yearning for Spring weather? Me too. But don’t despair! Stylist extraordinaire, Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society, is here to help us stay in the mood with My Chic Winter Style Secret.


If you’re in the mood for a fun DIY project and you’re loving all the embellished pieces this Spring you should tackle Cupcakes & Cashmere’s DIY: Embellished Sunglasses ASAP! 🙂

Health & Nutrition:

My go-to pick me up in the mornings isn’t coffee or tea, it’s a green smoothie. Not only are they energizing, delicious, and filling, they’re also the ultimate recovery meal. Not sure where to start? Check out Green Thickie’s The Ultimate Guide to Green Smoothies.


When Spring rolls around I’m always thrilled by the bright new produce at the Farmers Market, but that doesn’t mean I stop craving comfort food! If you’re in the same boat try this killer appetizer and you’ll be packing nutrients & fresh ingredients into your delicious snack – “Cheezy” Roasted Tomatoes.

Gyms can be pretty pricey these days – Last week I saw a CrossFit gym that was charging clients over $200 a month! If you, and your pocketbook, aren’t up for those kinds of prices than read this Women’s Health piece – Fun (and Cheap!) New Workouts.

If you love to bake like I do finding healthier alternatives and recipes that aren’t laden with calories & fat can be challenging. Choosing vegan, gluten-free, and/or paleo-friendly recipes is my go-to move these days. Not sure what that means? The No Meat Athlete breaks it down in his Veganize and Healthify Your Baking with These 6 Steps.


Green juice is another healthy, refreshing choice when it comes to beverages. But don’t worry if you don’t have a juicer or if your city isn’t filled with juice shops {aw, I miss NYC}. Choosing Raw has the answer – How to Make Green Juice Using a Vitamix or Blender.

Links You’ll Love


In the mood to spice up your wardrobe for Spring? Check out the Spring 2013 Shopping page for some fun pieces & shopping tips & recommendations for Spring.


Denim on denim is a must try when the weather starts to warm up this year – Something I’ve been experimenting with since I got my new TopShop Chambray shirt. Check out The Glitter Guide’s Style Sessions: Three Ways To Wear Denim On Denim for some tips & suggestions.

What am I most excited to try this Spring style-wise? Suits, suits, and more suits. Check out Into The Jungle’s This Spring: Suit Up to see how fun this new trend is going to be.

Has the Spring Cleaning bug hit you yet? Apartment Therapy has just the project if you’re looking to spice things up in your home – Before & After: Closet Under the Stairs Gets a Dramatic Makeover.


Make going to bed all the sweeter each night by tackling this little DIY project and giving your bedside table – Weekend DIY: Instant Update {Nightstand}.

Health & Nutrition:

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, easing into a new fitness routine, or looking for a stress reliever yoga is a great activity to try out – Strong Body, Powerful Mind.


As the Winter chill starts to fade and the days start to look more and more like Spring I’ll be breaking out all sorts of delicious salads but I’ve found that during this transition period at the beginning of the year I’m always craving soups and other warm but light comfort foods. Enter Oh She Glows’s Not Your Average Potato Soup.

February may have officially been heart health month but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your health for the other 11 months of the year. I was astounded when I read the statistics about heart disease in women and in order to help us all stay on top of our heart health here’s The House Always Wins with 16 Things You Can Do For Your Heart Today.


Whenever I’m in the mood for an indulgent treat I head to The Wannabe Chef’s site – He’s similarly pumpkin, peppermint & chocolate obsessed so I adore his site. His latest triumph? Healthy Chocolate Walnut Bread – Don’t you just love to see “chocolate” and “healthy” in the same recipe?

Links You’ll Love

Health & Fitness:

If yesterday’s post got you excited about improving your health than be sure to check out Muscle & Fitness’s Finding the Good in Saturated Fats and learn about healthy fats.


Food combining is one of those things that I’ve read about from different sources and heard people rave about, though I’ve never tried it. Is it something you’re interested in? Then read Green Thickies’s Food Combining Explained.

Figuring out what to eat before or after a workout can be tricky, here’s a simplified guide from The No Meat Athlete – The 7 Secrets of Post-Workout Recovery.

Being more positive was one of my 2012 New Years Resolutions and again this year I wanted to put conscious effort into approaching my life with a better attitude. I loved this piece from The Huffington Post, especially the part about happiness being a choice.


Need some motivation to get your booty to the gym for a sweat session? Check out these gorgeous sun-drenched pictures from NYC Pretty taken in New York this Winter – Central Park Stretch.


One of the trends that I’m most excited for this Spring are the printed pants. If you’re considering getting a pair but aren’t sure how versatile they’ll be than this is the article for you – My Style: 5 Ways To Wear Floral Pants.


Kerchiefs and headscarves are a fabulous retro style that evoke images of Sophia Lauren and Jackie O. You’ll be sure to get inspired to try a fun new style after viewing these beautiful pictures from Scent of Obsession – Trend Report: Acconciature e Foulard S/S 2013.

I’m always looking for tricks and tips to try out that’ll improve the storage situation in my apartment. Glitter Guide to the rescue – Organizational DIY To Try.

Collars are a fun trend that can really take a look to the next level – Whether it’s a top with an embellished Peter Pan collar or a fun necklace. If you’re up for a project this weekend why not make your own? Nelle Creations – We Heart This :: DIY Collar Necklace.


Stripes are always a great style to bring back each Spring so start early this season and check out The Fashion Fruit’s stripes inspiration board – Stripes Stripes Stripes!

Links You’ll Love

Health & Fitness:

Coming up with creative new recipes in advance can make your week run much easier so take some notes from Lonneke Engel’s piece for Organice Your Life – Quick Vegetarian Meals!


BBQ tofu is one of my favorite proteins because you can very easily pair it with other sides for a quick & easy midweek meal – From brown rice or quinoa to sweet potatoes or sautéed veggies, it goes with everything. Check out OhSheGlows’s Easy BBQ Tofu for the perfect recipe!

I love to discover new fashion blogs so I couldn’t pass up this great list from Greatist – 60 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs for 2013.

Eating the right foods after a workout can not only improve your recovery, it can increase your energy levels and ensure that you feel focused and alert for the rest of your day – After Workout Eats.


Mixing up your workout routine can help in a number of ways – Not only does it increase your enjoyment and help you stay entertained, it can also keep you from plateauing. So check out The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up for some fun new ideas to keep things interesting



Online shopping is one of my favorite pastimes but I’ve found that all of the email alerts and websites filled with flashing ads and pop-ups can be overwhelming and distract you from the actual shopping process. So why not take the stress out of it and enjoy yourself a little more? Check out the new online shopping site Ajent and some of the great things they’re saying about it.

Braids, twists, and buns – Oh My! I love a chic, classic updo that’s simple enough to pull off early in the morning when I’m not quite firing on all cylinders. Favorite Knotted and Twisted Updo Tutorials from My Precious Confessions.

Are you a lover of beauty products and trying new makeup? Check out this great collection of Must Try products that should make their way into your medicine cabinet – What I Want In My Bag:  2013 Beauty Lust-list!


Liquid eyeliner and retro inspired cat eye looks are two of my current favorites when it comes to my personal beauty routine so this tutorial is right up my alley – My easy winged eyeliner tutorial from This Chick’s Got Style.

Leave it to Dappered: Affordable Men’s Style to impart some much-needed style wisdom for those gentlemen who’re always in the mood for some new & exciting ways to approach fashion & their own personal style – 10 Bits of Style Knowledge I wish I had learned earlier.

Links You’ll Love

Welcome back to another Links You’ll Love round-up



No sure what the ideal lip color should be for you? Luckily for you Girl Meets Glam has done all the lip work for you and has shared all her secrets so that you can find the best color for yourself.

As much as I wish Spring were upon us we’re still in for some chilly days before sundress weather will truly be here. So why not take some tips from blogger Advice From A Twenty Something & The Glitter Guide on fun new ways to approach layering – How To Layer With Amanda Of Advice From A Twenty Something.

While some movie-inspired editorials can leave you feeling flat, this Clueless lookbook from Wildfox is just plain fun. So just enjoy the pictures! Did My Hair Get Flat? Did I Stumble Into Some Bad Lighting? What’s Wrong With Me?!


In my opinion one of the greatest muse-and-artist relationships of all time is Audrey Hepburn and Richard Avedon – The photographs that resulted have certainly stood the test of time. Harper’s Bazaar clearly agrees in their All About Audrey piece this month.

I’ve always been jealous by the creative abandon that artistic types can put into their decorating attempts – Luckily this DIY Instax Wallpaper idea can get you the artist’s loft you’ve always wanted!

Health & Fitness:

Our schedules don’t always permit for hour-long workouts in a gym each day, so this Drop-and-Do-Anywhere Circuit Workout can be a lifesaver for the girl-on-the-go.


Juicing and smoothies that include fresh vegetables are an integral part of my routine during the week so I was thrilled by this Say Hello, Max post – Beauty from the Inside Out: Juicing 101.

Sometimes the cold temperatures of Fall and Winter can make you crave warm, comforting foods, but that doesn’t mean you should give up fresh fruits and vegetables for half the year! Check out How To Eat Super-Healthy In The Dead Of Winter from Refinery 29.


I love to follow other fashion bloggers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and I must say I was thrilled to read this post from Chriselle Lim on her healthy eating habits. So interesting to peek behind the curtain when you see so many pictures of macaroons & dinners out on an Instagram feed. The Chriselle Factory – My Diet Secrets – Part 1.

Hitha On The Go is also a firm believer in getting your exercise in when you can, check out her Fitness On The Go – 5 Factor Fitness.

Links You’ll Love – Superbowl Edition

Everyone loves an excuse for day drinking and indulging in tasty treats, but why not keep the fat, calories, and cholesterol to a minimum and try some of these delicious-but-healthy recipes today instead?









How are you going to celebrate the Superbowl this year?

I’ll be landing in New York at 6pm local time so stay tuned for some updates from my week in the The Big Apple! 🙂

Links You’ll Love



My Spring cleaning urges are clearly starting to kick in early this year – Check out Gala Darling’s Blog On, Babe: Get Organized! for some great ideas for organizing your work – Whether you’re a blogger, a writer, or any other creative type.

Did you enjoy my recent organizational tips & recommendations for closet cleaning {Closet Organization}? If so you’ll love these suggestions from Apartment Therapy – Get Sorted: 5 Functional Shoe Organizers.

I’m in an outerwear state of mind these days – Between San Francisco being colder than I can ever remember and a trip to New York City scheduled for two weeks – I’m determined to find the perfect coat. Stylish but warm. Leave it to Olivia Palermo to have all the answers to our statement coat questions – How To Rock: The Coat.


It’s just about time to start daydreaming thinking about planning your Spring vacation. So why not take some advice from stylist-to-the-stars Brad Goreski – How To Travel In Style.

In the market for a new lipstick? Get the right one with Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Lipstick Guide to help you through the process!

Health & Fitness:

You know that coconut oil is good for you and I’ve shared some tasty ways to get coconut into your diet, but have you tried using it in your beauty routine? Glitter Guide has the scoop in their piece 10 Ways To Add Coconut Oil To Your Beauty. Routine


Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, following a paleo/primal diet, or just interested in eating a healthier diet kelp noodles are a great new food to try out, you should read Choosing Raw’s Kelp Noodle 101: How to Prepare and Serve Kelp Noodles.

I’m always interested in learning how my nutrition affects my health & how my body feels, and clearly I’m not the only one. Check out Purely Twins’s – Day 18  interesting reads about fructose malabsorption & hormonal acne.


As we grow up we need to pay attention not only to our overall health, but to our bone health at all. You may think that eating a calcium rich diet or taking supplements is all you need to do, but staying educated and aware is what you really need – Best Foods For Your Bones.

If you’re interested in strengthening your thighs than FitSugar has the answers in their Inner Thigh Exercises post – Work it!

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Between the layering, the killer accessories, and all of the fabulous Winter trends this season it’s hard to even know where to start – Go Ahead, Copy Them: Top Fashion Bloggers Share Their Go-To Winter Styling Tips.


If you’re anything like me you enjoy mixing things up and reorganizing your personal space on occasion – From rearranging furniture to adding new pieces to redecorating entire rooms. Apartment Therapy is filled with exciting, fun new ideas for mixing up your wall art – Rethinking The Gallery Wall: 10 Funky New Ideas.

An ottoman or coffee table often acts as the center of attention in a living or family room – So why not put some effort & creativity into getting it just right? Check out Cupcakes & Cashmere’s How to: Style a Coffee Table for some great tips and recommendations.


While my mind is already turned towards Spring and its fun prints & bright colors, it is still January so we should keep cold-weather clothes and outerwear in mind – Check out The Chriselle Factor’s West Coast Winter Picks for some fabulous coats & jackets you’ll love.

Did Megan’s post on Friday – {Fitness Friday} Guest Post: Fashion of the Fitness World – Get you in the mood to put some more effort into your workout wardrobe? Check out Style Within Reach’s New Year New You: Your Workout Wardrobe for a simple approach to creating the best collection of gym gear this year.

Health & Fitness:

IMG 6247 thumb   Top 15 Vegan Recipes of 2012

One of my goals for 2013 is to be more creative and adventurous with my cooking – Rather than making my favorite, tried-and-true recipes over and over again, I want to branch out. Step one is to try all of these – Top 15 Recipes of 2012 from OhSheGlows.

Having friends over for an entertaining evening doesn’t have to mean the stress & planning of a full-on dinner party. Why not have them over for a relaxed night of games & great eats? Check out Glitter Guide’s Hip Hostess: Cozy Night In for some fab suggestions.

I for one have a perpetual Must See list that reads like the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World {and a Pinterest board to match – Wanderlust} and Refinery 29 seems to be similarly inclined this year – 29 Places We’re Dying To See In 2013.


Getting started on 2013 with a healthy mentality doesn’t have to mean giving up every you love or never eating sweet treats again. Check out Tone It Up’s Love Your Body With Pancakes for a healthy recipe that’ll fulfill your Saturday or Sunday morning sweet tooth.

While staying on top of and being successful with all of your 2013 New Years Resolutions sounds like a dream, I believe that it may even be more important to stay motivated, keep a good attitude & be positive in general. Attitude is everything afterall. If you agree you’ll love this piece from Our Hen House – Moving Beyond the Scale for a Happy Healthy 2013.

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Health & Fitness:


Here are some GREAT things to keep in mind as you’re working through your list of New Years Resolutions for 2013 – The Things Successful People DON’T Do.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been shivering my way through this recent cold front in Northern California. Rain in December I’m used to. Wind & air so cold it feels like it should be snowing? That’s new. If you’re in a similar boat these simple tips can save your booty this Winter – Stay Warm!

Keeping your energy levels up during the way can seem impossible sometimes. Day-to-day you may feel changes due to diet, the amount of sleep you got, stress levels… And while you can’t always control every aspect of your life, there are some things that you can keep an eye on to help with this – Fatigue Facts: 5 Things That Make You Tired.


While I enjoyed all of the “round-up” style posts during December to celebrate the end of 2012 I have to say that this was one of my favorites so I just HAD to share – Best of 2012: My Favorite Vegan & Raw Recipes.

Staying inspired and positive about your body is an important step towards being happy and healthy! See what The Huffington Post has to say about keeping your attitude in check – Seven Ways To Be More Body Positive In 2013.


There’s nothing quite like a flashy new campaign to get you in the mood for some serious shopping. That’s part of the reason we adore fashion magazines, right? Well Fashionologie has the low-down on all the killer campaigns for Spring here.


Finding stylish but simple new updos that’s keep my hair out of my eyes is a new mission so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this fabulous tutorial – Beauty How To: Braided Bun Tutorial.

Need some inspiration to get creative with your hair this Winter? Check out Rebecca Minkoff’s 2013 Ushers In A New Wave Of Hairstyles for some serious tips.

I ADORE Winer outwear & accessories so this Glitter Guide post had me in raptures. If you’re similarly inclined head over for their Style File: Chic Winter Wear and prepare to swoon!


If you’ve been trying to find a fabulous statement necklace but have come up empty so far, why not make your own? This DIY Charm Necklace from I Spy DIY is to die for!

Links You’ll Love – Resolutions Edition

We survived 2012 and celebrated the end of the year, and now that the first week of January is coming to an end those New Years Resolutions are starting to look further and further away. This week’s Links You’ll Love post is here to help keep you motivated, inspired, and on track with your resolutions. Whether your goals are aimed at career success, personal improved, fashion, health, or fitness – Keep yourself going with these great inspirational pieces!


I love the idea of this No Shopping Challenge {Inspiration: My No Shopping Challenge} from Style Within Reach – It’s a great idea to not only purge your closets at the beginning of the year, but take stock in what pieces you have and try to mix up your current wardrobe rather than blindly adding to it. But in practice I’m not sure that I have her self-control… What about you?

Refinery 29 is here to help you with your Fashion New Years Resolutions – 20 Influencers, 20 Resolutions To Adopt Now.

Fashion magazine’s are a great place to find inspiration – From fabulous advertisements to glossy, well-styled editorials to great articles filled with advice & ideas from industry insiders:


Staying inspired and motivated to try out fun & interesting new trends and styles can be hard – But Pinterest is a great tool for fashion stimulation, so check out my La Mode to get yourself in the mood!

Health & Fitness:

Ever wonder how the models with killer bodies keep themselves in shape all year around? Check out this interesting article from Modelinia – Behold the Ultimate Model Master Cleanse! 

red lentil soup 7710 thumb   Most Popular Vegan Recipes of 2012 {#30 16}

While you have your health & eating better on your mind, why not try out some new recipes? Here are a few great round-ups from some top food bloggers of their favorite recipes from 2012 – So give something new & delicious a try!

Are you determined to shake things up at the gym this year but not quite sure where to start with your fitness resolutions this year? Check out The Fitnessista’s 12 Days Of Fitness.

The Whole 30 is a great clean eating plan that you could try in 2013 – So do some research, check out other people’s thoughts & experiences, and try some delicious new recipes – Holly Would If She Could’s Whole 30 Meal Plan – Week One (Plus Homework!)

I’m not a huge proponent of cleanses and detoxes that are too restrictive or severe – But this clean eating version is great, filled with healthy, nutritious, easy to digest suggestions – New Year New You: Easy Detox.

Links You’ll Love



You’ve got your dress, you’ve picked up the perfect shade of lipstick for your pout, now what to do with your hair? Harper’s Bazaar has some fabulous ideas with their Holiday Hair Ideas – Celebrity Inspired Holiday Hair Ideas.

If you’re a makeup lover then you’ll adore this post & all of the color inspiration – Spring 2014 Color Trends.

The runways were filled with sheer hemlines last season but sometimes it’s hard to see how these beautiful trends can be translated to the street. Wonder no longer! The Sartorialist – If You’re Thinking About…… Sheer Hems.


If you loved my latest MCLV Stye File: Miranda Kerr in Victoria Beckham post you’re adore all of the fabulous Miranda Kerr looks featured on My Dress My High Heels My Style – Miranda Kerr in 3.1 Phillip Lim & Balenciaga {Left} and Miranda Kerr in Proenza Schouler {Right}.

Haven’t gotten enough shopping yet this year? Check out Mama’s A Rolling Stone’s Your Holiday 2012 Shopping Guide for some more tips & sales for the remaining days of 2012.

Health & Fitness:

Tis the season for… Getting really really sick. Having recently been taken down by a stomach flu I’m reminded how the cold, wet weather makes this the season for the cold, the flu, and other holiday-ruining ailments. So help boost your immune system this season with Green Thickie’s Cold and Flu Busting Coconut and Orange Smoothie.


Adorable workout clothes are a great way to get yourself motivated for a gym session. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at these cute duds over at NYC Pretty.

Taking your lunch to work is a great way to not only save a few dollars, but to ensure that you have healthy options to choose from for your lunch and for your midday snacking. If you’re just starting this practice or you’re running out of tasty choices check out Women’s Health’s 10 Healthy Lunch Ideas.

There are an endless number of delicious options out there for festive holiday cookies but one of my favorites this season has been Peas And Thank You’s Candy Cane Crinkle Cookies.

Given the chatter around the recent ballot measure relating to organic food, GMO, and labeling I thought that this piece from Mark’s Daily Apple was particularly relevant right now – 7 Foods You Don’t Need to Buy Organic.

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Having a fresh perspective on the clothes in your closet and all of the possibilities is a great feeling to have, so why not take some advice from top fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad – Outfit Ecstasy.

Finding great outerwear to keep you warm this Winter can be a challenge – Whether you’re looking for a fabulous blazer, warm overcoat, or stylish peacoat Mr. Brad Goreski has the goods – Menswear: My Winter Coat Guide.

Not sure how to pair your cold-weather pieces in fun, interesting new ways this Winter? Check out Rachel Zoe’s fabulous team and their killer street style for great inspiration – RZNY To The Streets.


Models are known for their ability to mix and match – They have access to great designer gear and new pieces from collections before we can even get our hands on them – So let’s turn to some oh-so-fashionable models for their tips on Winter accessorizing – Chic Accessories to Keep You Warm This Winter.

Putting together a fun, festive, chic look for your next holiday party is a must – Check out WhoWhatWear’s Styling Tips: Holiday Parties for some fun tips & inspiration to help you find the perfect look for you!

Health & Fitness:

Eating a healthy, clean diet is the best way to improve your health, sleep more soundly, and fuel your workouts – Not sure where to start? Check out Eating Well’s Clean Up Your Diet and Lose Weight.


Potato salad may seem like a fat-laden Summer treat but Fat Free Vegan has turned a traditional dish into some delicious, healthy, and perfect for this season – Tunisian-Inspired Chickpea and Potato Salad.

Turning off your brain, reducing stress, and relaxing into sleep isn’t always an easy task. If you need some tips & ideas here’s a great place to start – Try These Yoga Poses For a Better Night’s Rest!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, squeezing in a workout – even a small one – will improve your mood & reduce your stress levels exponentially. Even if you don’t have a lot of time there are options – 15-Minute Mind-Body Workout Circuit.


I’m a big fan of mint – Everything from candles to candy to desserts – So this next recipe really caught my attention. Then it caught my taste buds. I highly recommend giving this a try if you’re a fan of ice cream or thin mint cookies – Protein Thin Mint Ice Cream.

Links You’ll Love


Finding a stylish, warm coat for Winter that you can wear in various situations – Everything from over a dress for a night out on the town to picking out a Christmas tree with your family – Can be a challenge. Too thin. Too thick. Too expensive. But Refinery 29 is here to save the day so check out their 10 Casual-Cool Coats To Keep You Warm On The Weekends and find the perfect Winter coat for you.


The oh-so-stylish Karolina Kurkova has done it yet again – It takes a master to pair plaid, white cropped pants, and flat ankle boots and look this good, so WhoWhatWear helps us out by breaking down her fabulous look so that we can recreate it ourselves in their Why It Works: Karolina Kurkova.

I like to mix up my beauty routine by changing products, trying new brands, and cycling great drug store finds into my morning routine {see MCLV’s Makeup Bag & MCLV’s Medicine Cabinet for more}. Glitter Guide agrees and have laid out all of their favorites for you to try – Our Top 20 Drugstore Beauty Buys.

If you’re like me, wrestling with your locks each morning and trying to find an acceptable arrangement isn’t your favorite thing to do each day. Luckily Style Bistro picked some great hairstyles from the runways and laid out the basic for us hair novices – 15 DIY Hairstyle Ideas Straight From The Runway.


If the studded, spiked & leather adorned world of Lisbeth Salander is your fashion fantasy you must check out Catwalk Azure’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo post for some sartorial inspiration.

Health & Nutrition:

salad with corn, peanuts and thai dressing

After reading Organice Your Life’s Salad Making For Dummies you’ll have no more excuses for not making yourself a quick, healthy, nutritious dinner each night!

Eat protein. Don’t eat protein. It seems like there’s always a new study relating to protein consumption and health or weight loss, but reading up on the topic can help you make healthier choices, just be sure to keep an eye out for future research! Eat THIS, Lose Weight from Women’s Health.

Living a healthy life means more than just keeping an eye on your waistline, especially as you get older, you need to pay attention to the tests that your doctors run – Including your blood pressure. The Huffington Post’s Ways To Lower Blood Pressure: Exercise, Meditation, Diet And More.

With the hectic, non-stop holiday season upon us it’s easier to grab a sugary snack and try to relax on the couch when we have a few extra minutes but trust me, you’ll feel MUCH better if you use those few precious minutes to sneak in a quick workout! Check out Refinery 29’s 10 Minute Workout.

Marilyn Monroe

I’ve had a number of friends over the years who suffered from season depression – A number of whom were Southern California natives who had trouble adapting to the foggy, rainy Bay Areas winters in college. Gala Darling to the rescue! How To Beat The Winter Blues: DENIAL Is Key!

Links You’ll Love


Peeking into the closet of a celebrity or fashion crushes is such a fun experience – You get to see how they organize their goodies, all the fabulous pieces they’ve collected, learn where they picked things up over the years… As I’m sure you’ve picked up I have a bit of a fashion crush on Revenge’s Ashley Madekwe {Links You’ll Love & Looks of the Week} so I was thrilled when I saw that The Coveteur was offering us a peek into her closet – The Girl, The Closet, The Shoot.

Sweaters are a Must Have for layering in the Fall and Winter so finding some chic ones should be at the top of your To Do List – Be sure to check out WhoWhatWhere’s Under $150: Fancy Sweaters for some great tips.

Planning a tropical get away for the chilly Winter months this year? Or booking tickets for some fun in the sun? Be sure to look at Fabulous at Every Age: Resort Chic from Harper’s Bazaar for some inspiration on what to pack.

I’m loving the Baroque trend for Fall – It’s dramatic, rich, eye-catching, and oh-so-luxurious. Don’t believe me? Check out I Love Green Inspiration’s collection of fabulous photos showcasing this trend – All the ingredients for the Baroque recipe.

Having great skin gives you a boost every single day, so why not try some of these fabulous tips from Refinery 29 – 8 Beauty Tricks That Work While You Sleep.

Health & Fitness:

I’m madly in love with the new slow cooker that my parents got me for my birthday so I’m constantly on the lookout for fun new recipes to try – Write With Us: Slow Cooker Recipes.

Obesity and diabetes are epidemics sweeping through this country – Epidemics that can be stopped with proper nutrition and exercise. Being well-educated on these topics really could save your life – Why We All Need a Pre-Diabetes Diet.

Properly fueling your workouts is important, in addition to water and coconut water, you need to be sure that you’re consuming the right fats, sugars, and nutrients both before AND after a sweat session. Read 10 Best Fitness Foods For Women from Women’s Health for some tips that can help you plan your meals.

Gluten-Free apple crisp serving

Sometimes skipping dessert is not an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to reach for packaged, processed, or pre-make sweets. Why not whip up a healthy treat instead? Try The Wannabe Chef’s Gluten-Free Apple Crisp for a tasty, guilt-free indulgence.

If you’re embarking on a new fitness regime or trying to slim down for the holidays tracking the foods that you consume is a great tool to ensure that you’re aware of what you’re eating and your portion sizes. Luckily in this age of smart phones there are plenty of apps that will make this even easier – 5 Awesome Apps For Calorie Counts.

Links You’ll Love


Harper Bazaar’s Shop the Street Style Look: When Monochrome Meets Snake-Skin shows you just how to mix patterns and prints with basics to create an eye-catching look that isn’t too over the top.

I have a big ole fashion crush on Miroslava Duma and was thrilled when I stumbled upon this fun piece with great pictures celebrating her style on The Coveteur – The Girl, The Closet, The Shoot.

The designer collaboration that I’ve anticipated most – closely edging out Jason Wu for Target – is the Prabal Gurung for Target Capsule Collection. I. Can’t. Wait. February 10th. Mark your calendars. In the meantime, Refinery 29 has the goods – Prabal Gurung (And His Target Collection) Play Matchmaker With Olivia Thirlby.

Scent, lotions, toners, creams, powders, scrubs… All part of the daily beauty routine of women around the world. I love peeking into someone’s medicine cabinet and seeing what their favorite products are, it always inspires me to spice up my own routine. Onto My Wardrobe: Daily Beauty.

I really enjoyed pulling all the mens fashion shots for my Looks of the Week – Menswear Edition post a few weeks ago, I sometimes forget just how much I love male styling. Fear not, The LA Connection rounded up a great collection of shots in his This Is A Man’s World piece.

Health & Fitness:

While I’m not a big believer in the “superfood” trend, there’s no denying that there are some extremely healthful & vitamin packed fruits and vegetables out there that you should be loading your plates with – 5 Convenient Superfoods of Fall.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa 01

I love cold weather and nothing is more cozy than snuggling with a warm mug and good book. Bonus points if there’s a fireplace. Now about that mug… This time a year I stock up on holiday teas like gingerbread and candy cane (which I then hoard throughout the year), but I also can’t say no to cider, spiced wine, or a cup of hot cocoa. This season however I’m determined to get a little bit more creative and at the top of my To Do List is Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Even if you’re a runner and focus your fitness on cardiovascular feats, you need to be sure that you’re doing strength training as well. Not sure where to begin? Read The No Meat Athlete’s 16 Easy Strength Exercises & Stretches to Help You Run Faster & Injury-Free.

Interested in giving sprouting a try but not sure which seeds to start with or how to begin? Brendan Brazier – Thrive author & creator of Vega – might have just the answers you’re looking for – Thrive Tip: Sprouting Potential.

Whether you’re planning a cocktail party, bringing refreshments to a holiday party, or just looking for a fun Friday night project, check out the drinks on Foodista and give one of these cocktails a spin – Drink Blog of the Day Archive.