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Beauty Corner: Sayuki Custom Cosmetics

During a recent trip to my cosmetics mecca, Barneys NY, I was introduced to the lovely Tracy Wells who recently started a company called Sayuki Custom Cosmetics. After hearing about her amazing new products I knew I was going to need to test them out so I made an appointment to meet with her and walk through the process.


First they take a bare-faced, close-up photograph of your face, then the computer program analyzes your skin tone and provides the machine with a breakdown of the percentage of yellow, white, red, and black in your complexion.


The process of inputting millilitres of each distinct pigment into the final products is such a delicate procedure that the machine uses both diabetic needles and heart pumps to get the job done.


In 2 minutes and 30 seconds you can have yourself a custom-made concealer, foundation, or tinted moisturizer in heavy, medium, or sheer, that provides all-day coverage & you can even a hearty dose of SPF with the oil-free sunscreen they offer.


Some of the ingredients they use are Hyalouanic Acid {anti-aging}, Squalene {promotes clear skin}, Sea Kelp {moisture}, 1/2 carat Diamon Powder {luminosity}, and Matrixly {collagen building}. On top of that – Their products are dye-free, fragrance-free, paba-free, and oil-free.

Where you do usually buy your cosmetics? Would you try a custom-made foundation, tinted moisturizer, or concealer?