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The Art of Lingerie

I’ve loved lingerie for as long as I can remember. I used to steal borrow my mom’s slips and nightgowns¬†when I was little and when I got older she used to bribe me to go to the dentist with trips to the Nordstrom intimates section. That lasted through college actually… ūüôā

Vintage - Marilyn Monroe!






















I’m not sure what first intrigued me about lingerie, perhaps it was the bombshell glamour evoked in the movies I grew up with. Grace Kelly’s nightgown in Rear Window,¬†Take Back Your Mink from Guys & Dolls,¬†Natalie Wood in Gypsy, or Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot.

What¬†I can say for certain though is that my love affaire with lingerie was consummated, if you will, when I lived abroad. It was everywhere, much more prevalent and “acceptable” than in the US, and I¬†just couldn’t get enough. I¬†wandered into all the little shops I could find in Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Rome. I still have a handful of the pieces that¬†I found while I was there, including a gorgeous lavender dressing gown.

And regardless of what first inspired me this has been¬†a love affaire that’s lasted 29¬†fabulous years, and at this point I¬†have nightgowns, separates, slips, matching sets,¬†and dressing gowns filling up my¬†closet and an entire bureau stuffed satins, silks, and lace.



In my experience lingerie can serve a woman in two distinct but interconnected ways Рthe way it makes her feel and the way it makes her look.

The right cut, color, fabric, and style can make you feel beautiful, glamorous, and sexy. And I’m not just talking about pieces that you’re wearing¬†for someone else, I’m talking about the simple pleasure of sleeping with the feel of satin against your skin or feeling soft lace wrap around your ankles when you take a step. It doesn’t have to be about anyone but yourself!

In addition to making you feel fabulous the right undergarments can make your clothes fit and look even better. It doesn’t matter whether you favor Lily of France, Victoria’s Secret, La Perla or Agent Provocateur, it’s about¬†finding pieces that complement your body type, personal style,¬†and the clothes in your wardrobe. And for whomever invented shapewear (Spanx anyone?) deserves a medal, those glorious garments can hide all manner of sins.

However, despite my love of lingerie the “lingerie as clothing” trend is one that I must caution you¬†to be careful with. Outside of Halloween it can be hard to pull off wearing stand alone pieces as clothing a la Easy A.

Easy A


That being said, you can evoke the same boudoir feel by wearing a lacy cocktail dress, pieces with sheer panels, satin and silk, or even by layering a bustier in your look.

The lacy layers of this dress make it simultaneously sweet & naughty

Source¬†Needs some inspiration for adding a sexy, boudoir flare to an outfit? Check out Giorgio Armani’s Fall 2011 Boudoir runway show¬†or these sumptuous advertisements that were influences by beautiful, retro lingerie.¬†¬†¬†


  With the luxurious cuts, delicious fabrics, and just a hint of bedroom glamour, these clothes are a treat for the senses and a great way to indulge your lingerie fantasies in the real world. Do you love lingerie too? How do you feel about daytime wear?

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear, what goes on your body. It’s truly an expression of yourself that extends far beyond your clothes.

‚ÄúFashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look ‚Äď all those things go together to make a moment in time.‚Ä̬† – Tom Ford

And just as fashion isn’t limited to the cloth that we wrap ourselves in, inspiration can also be found in many forms.

I began clipping pictures from magazines as a pre-adolescent, not so much fashion photos, just pictures that caught my eye, things that I found eye-catching or memorable or mesmerizing.

As I became interested in fashion however, my clipping habits¬†became more focused. And while¬†I don’t confine myself to¬†photographs of¬†clothing and accessories, I’ve found¬†that my love of¬†fashion gives this activity more direction and purpose. I’ve found that even without context, pictures can serve a creative function.¬†

They excite. They encourage. They inspire. 

The beauty and artistry captured by a photographer can be moving, regardless of the medium. Advertisements, promotional materials,¬†editorials, art, home decor…


¬†I’ve found that by keeping these images available to myself¬†I¬†can¬†stay out of a fashion rut. They provide new ideas and inspiration,¬†get my creative¬†juices flowing, and motivate me to grow and evolved. I highly recommend creating and maintaining a Look Book, a collection of images that make you smile, that invigorate you, that make you¬†push your boundaries.

Whether it’s a physical book filled with clippings like mine are, or Boards on Pinterest, this is a great creative and inspirational outlet.¬†Keeping pictures of looks that you like, styles that call to you, photos that take your breath away, can all be great tools¬†to keep¬†your approach to¬†fashion fresh and interesting.

What’s your favorite way to get inspired?