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Shop My Closet: Socialbliss

Happy Saturday!

Today I want to share a fabulous new site with you that I’ve been enjoying lately¬†AND give you a chance to shop some pieces from my closet. ūüôā I’ve received a number of requests since I started publishing personal style posts asking where pieces are from, where I shop,¬†and whether I’d be willing to sell various things –¬†So today is the day!

Socialbliss¬†is an incredibly user-friendly social media platform that’s almost like a combination of Pinterest¬†and an online personal shopping site¬†like Etsy¬†or Asos Marketplace.

Another very cool feature of this platform is that you can follow people to see what’s inspiring them lately as well as shop pieces from their wardrobes that they list on their personalized marketplace.


{Shop this striped skirt here}

So head over to my Socialbliss profile to see what’s going on with me – And check out some of the fun pieces I’m selling!

Styling 101: Great Gatsby Fashion

The Great Gatsby is everywhere right now РBetween the movie finally coming out in theaters to the actors appearing at the Cannes Film Festival to the endless number of magazine editorials out there celebrating the unique, eye-catching styles from the era.

Personally, what I’ve always adored about the¬†1920’s is the jewelry –¬†Art Deco is by far my favorite style so when they announced that they were remaking The Great Gatsby I just knew there would be stunning new collections put out to celebrate.


{Jewelry can be shopped online at Sasha Maks Vintage, pieces will be available at The Factory through Summer, or you can contact for additional details & private appointments}


{You can shop similar pieces by clicking these hyperlinks: Dress РDiane Von Furstenberg, Heels РGiuseppe Zanotti & Clutch РTed Baker}


{Check out outtakes from this shoot here ‚Äď Just log into Facebook to view}

{Photos by Jennymay Villarete of J. Villarete Photography РJewelry & Jewelry Styling by Sasha Maks Vintage}

So how do you get a little bit of Gatsby in your life without looking like you’re auditioning for a period drama? Try layering long chains or beaded necklaces or find an oversized¬†vintage lariat that’ll really give your look an authentic retro feel.

Do you love this style jewelry as much as I do? Check out this other Great Gatsby inspired look that we put together last Fall – Styling 101: Gatsby Girl.


Would you¬†like a chance to see the latest glam jewelry finds from Sasha Maks Vintage¬†and the beautiful clothes from The Factory’s stunning Voyage To Marrakech collection? Join me¬†on Tuesday, June 4th for a private showing – You can RSVP¬†here.

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Styling 101: Gatsby Girl

This week’s Styling 101¬†post is all about Fall accessories! I don’t know about you, but the moment there’s a chill in the air I excitedly break out my gloves, scarves, ear muffs, snoods, outerwear, and any and all faux fur in my closets. I adore bundling up and must confess that adding pieces like fur-trimmed capes, elbow-length gloves, and even fun printed umbrellas to my daily looks is a huge mood booster.

{Sasha Maks Vintage Jewelry: Weiss Sapphire Swirl Brooch and Earrings Demi-Parure, Gold Tone Ball and Rhinestone Charm Bracelet & Hollycraft Flower Motif Ring}

{You can shop similar pieces by clicking these hyperlinks: Black Shift – Burberry Brit via Bloomingdale’s, 20’s Style Black Hat¬†– Urban Outfitters &¬†Smoking SlippersSteve Madden}

{You can view this outfit on both and Pose}

Check out more outtakes from this shoot here ‚Äď just log onto Facebook to view

However,¬†as much as I love Fall &¬†Winter accessories, I must confess I’m not usually one for hats . But even I couldn’t help but fall in love with this one as soon as I saw it! To celebrate the upcoming Great Gatsby film – and to give me an excuse to wear my new hat –¬†I wanted to put together a fun, 20’s inspired look and this Burberry Brit drop-waist shift dress was the perfect frock!

{Smitten with these jewels? Sign up for news on latest arrivals & upcoming events from Sasha Maks Vintage here or visit her on Facebook}

Stay tuned for more exciting looks from the Styling 101 series & be sure to check out our past collaborations:

*Jewelry styling by Sasha Maks


As I’m sure you’ve already picked up, I’m a big fan of Fall in general and Halloween in particular¬†{Fall Fabulousness, All Hallow’s Eve & October Round-Up}. This year I was lucky enough to attend two fabulous Halloween parties in Sacramento as well as act as American River CrossFit’s¬†team photograph for CrossFit West Sac’s charity Breast Cancer competition.

This year I was excited to dress up twice, the first time as Wendy from Peter Pan in a vintage yellow nightgown and the second time as The Black Dahlia in a fabulous little black dress that my friend made.

But don’t worry, I’m not the only one who dressed up for Halloween this year.¬†Bones dressed up as a CHICKEN! Again. Clearly it’s his favorite costume, doesn’t he look enthusiastic?

{Mammograms In Action – Barbells For Boobs}

And the day before Halloween I watched the exciting Barbells For Boobs charity CrossFit competition which included every shade of pink known to man and even Jessica Rabbit in a stunning red gown.

How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as? What was the best costume that you saw?

All Hallow’s Eve

As October progresses the¬† reminders that it’s¬† holiday season are everywhere – Store decorations, TV commercials, sale annoucements, magazine advertisements… Luckily for me the holiday season begins with¬†my favorite holiday,¬†because as much as I adore candy canes and the scent of evergreen, I’m a Halloween girl.

You get to be a kid for a day – Candy, costumes, pranks, parties, and a general feeling of nostalgia and excitement – What’s not to love?

When it comes to costumes I’ll always choose innovative & novel over skin-baring. In recent years I’ve been Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Cleopatra, a Venetian Carnival reveller, and¬†Twiggy.¬†I’ve seen so many creative costumes over the years that I’m at a loss for why you’d want to pick a cookie-cutter one when you could put a little effort in and end up with something one-of-a-kind that you absolutely love.

So with that in mind here are some fun links to get your creative juices flowing for this year’s costume!

The Man Repeller’s For Halloween¬†– Her fun suggestions include: Steve Jobs, Rupaul, Frida Kahlo, Margot Tenenbaum, Larry David & Richard Harrow.

If you’re in the mood for a fashion-forward costume check out Fashionologie’s Fashion in Costume: A Look Back at Halloweens Past for great inspiration from models, fashion designers, and couture collections.


Are you a movie lover? Check out Refinery 29’s 5 Big-Screen Halloween Costumes That Are Total Oscar Winners!¬†I love these kinds of costumes since they’re always a little open to interpretation and this post includes gems like Liv Tyler’s character in Empire Records, Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra, Daisy from The Great Gatsby – The original or the upcoming remake – The Queen of Hearts¬†from Alice In Wonderland, and Tippi¬†Hedren in Hitchcock’s The Birds.

If you’re not interested in spending a fortune on your costume, want to find something wholly unique, or even if¬†want a costume made up of pieces that you can wear again, heading to a vintage shop is a great option. Fun ideas from Refinery 29’s How To Thirft 6 Super-Easy Halloween Costumes¬†include Martha Stewart, fisherman from The Deadliest Catch, and¬†The Rockettes.

Doing your makeup for Halloween can be one of the most fun parts of getting ready. Whether you’re recreating Cleopatra’s famous exotic kohl-lined eyes, adding oozing sores & blood for a Walking Dead-inspired get up, or whiting your face out¬†so you can be a¬†Vampire or mime. The Glamourai put together fabulous tutorials to help you perfect the makeup for your costumes – Everything from the wide-eyed look of the 60’s to the glamorous white-faced Geishas to Bogie-inspired detectives – { DIY } Halloween Beauty Ideas, { Behind The Scenes } Spooktacular Beauty¬†& { Ghoul‚Äôs Night Out }.

As for my costume this year I wanted to be the Mad Hatter… But the costume I ordered didn’t fit. Either of them. ūüė¶

Pinned Image

But with a last-minute party scheduled for this evening in Sacramento and no costume planned yet¬†I’ll be giving you hints and sneak peeks of my shopping & planning all day today…¬†So be sure to keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram for updates!

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Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? What’s the most creative costume that you’ve ever worn?

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Whether you’re watching the US Open or America’s Cup, a stylish spectator outfit is a must – US Open 2012 from Net-A-Porter.

Are you starting to prepare your wardrobe for Fall? A great skirt with tights & killer boots is always a fabulous option so check out WhoWhatWear’s suggestions for Fall 2012 – Market Watch: Fall Skirts.

One thing that I always look forward to when Fashion Month rolls around are the Garance Dore and Net-A-Porter Fashion Week video collaborations Pardon My French. She talks to fashion greats, reviews the collections, meets designers, interviews fashion insiders, and just generally gives you a great behind-the-scenes look at all of the Fashion Month madness.

You know how much I adore a versatile piece in my wardrobe –¬†especially when it comes to packing for a trip. Refinery 29 clearly agrees – Oxford Shirt Styling Tips: 1 Oxford Shirt, 3 Easy Ways To Style It.

One of the fun Fall trends this year will be finding pieces that have your favorite artwork translated onto them – Whether you’re a fan of the Renaissance Masters or Graphic novels, there are pieces out there for everyone! This Time Tomorrow – Wearing Your Art On Your Sleeve.


Don’t have time for a run? Not interested in the membership fees at your local gym? Why not head online to find the perfect workout for yourself – Fit Club: The Country‚Äôs Best Virtual Workouts.

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Medicine and bosu¬†balls are two of my favorite gym toys – If you use them right they can¬†keep your workouts both¬†challenging and fun. Don’t believe me? Check out FitSugar’s Don’t Let the Medicine Ball Intimidate You ‚ÄĒ 5 Easy Moves!