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Chateau La Durantie

The next leg of my vacation consisted of four spectacular days with my extended family at the Chateau La Durantie, less than ten minutes from the village of Lanouaille.

Not bad, huh?

Fashion: The fashion at La Durantie was allllll about the wedding. My aunt and her boyfriend of 8 years tied the knot in the sitting room of the house while 20 of us watched with barely concealed glee. Shortly after their “I do’s” we popped the bubbly and got down to the business of eating, drinking, toasting and dancing our booties off!
Food: We had some catered meals while we were here, including the wedding dinner and brunch the next morning, as well as two borderline gourmet dinners prepared by my new cousin and cousin-in-law, Taylor and Melissa. Sour dough baguette pizzas, gluten-free pasta, homemade pasta sauce, tomatoes & pumpkins from the garden and tons of salads. Yummy! And when we went to a small town nearby to get flowers for the wedding, I found a health food store with tofu! Tofu in France! 🙂 Needless to say I was a happy, happy girl while I had access to the kitchen at La Durantie.
Fitness: Walking, sightseeing in the nearby towns, bike riding, a short run, the Chateau even had tennis courts and a pool! It was nice to have more than a day or two in a single place and once we settled in we were able to explore the beautiful countryside between summer showers. I also spent a healthy chunk of my time sprawled across the bed in our sun-drenched bedroom finishing my book.
Lodgings: The pictures above hardly do La Durantie justice. It was an older building still undergoing renovations, but given that it didn’t have plumbing or running water a few years ago, we were all pleasantly surprised by how modern the facilities were. There were ten bedrooms on three different floors, and the top floor was for us “kids” (the youngest of whom was my 22-year-old cousin). Running up and down those stairs dozens of times each day did wonders for my legs!
Travel: Since we still had our rented vans we did a couple day trips and when we left the Chateau on Monday eight of us piled in and began a NINE HOUR drive to Saint-Émilion, which for the record, should have taken two.
Highlights: My boyfriend’s favorite part of the entire trip was the wedding dinner, which was a pepper-encrusted steak (I had ratatouille which was great as well), and he honestly hasn’t stopped talking about this meal since we got home. He ate his, as well as most of my mother’s, the 13 year old sitting next to me’s entire steak and half of her mother’s. He was stuffed by happy.
Stay tuned for Bordeaux, Spain and the adventures from the longest car ride ever!
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