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Styling 101: Starry Eyed + Trunk Show

Today’s Styling 101 post is all about picking a fun new print to give a try, and then running with it. Whether you’re a fan of polka dots, florals, or plaid there’s a way to stylishly play up that print or pattern – even across multiple pieces & accessories – without going overboard.

{Jewelry: Napier Gold-tone Luxe Ribbed Bracelet 1960s, Ciner Enamel and Rhinestone Bracelet 1980s & Star Earrings 1980s}

{You can shop similar pieces by clicking these hyperlinks: Black Pleated Mini Skirt – Zara, Star Print Tunic – Zara & Polka Dot Heeled}

{You can also see this outfit on & Pose}

Check out more outtakes from this shoot here – just log into Facebook to view

While I wanted this look to have a classic, art deco-type of feel to it, I also wanted it to showcase how fun patterns can be mixed into a look without overwhelming it – so here I combined a star-print tunic and a pair of navy & white polka-dotted sandals. By keeping the prints on the smaller side and separating them with a black skirt, I kept them from competing against each other and taking over the whole look.

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Stay tuned for more exciting looks from the Styling 101 series & be sure to check out our past collaborations:

10 Day Style Challenge – Part II

Welcome to Part II of Freckles in April‘s 10 Day Challenge: Winter Edition. In an attempt to keep my personal style interesting and steer clear of fashion ruts I’m participating in this fashion challenge. Each day Kayla provides us with a theme for our outfit and we dress accordingly, then share the pictures.

If you’d like to catch up on Day 1 & Day 2 you can see them here.

Freckles in April

Day 3: Embrace A Trend

Sometimes it’s easiest to just stay in our own little comfort zone of classics and basics and ignore passing trends. But for tomorrow I want you to pick a trend that intrigues you and go for it. Neon nails? Sure! Faux fur? Heck yes. Red pants? You know I love ’em.

This is such a great prompt, it really makes you face your fears and try something new and unusual. I stood in my closet and spent some time on weighing the pros and cons of various trends. Would this one be flattering? Am I brave enough to try this? And you know what I decided to go with?



As much as I’ve adored the Dolce & Gabbana star-studded gowns that have made it to the red carpets lately, the key to making this trend work for me was going to be translating it into a day-to-day, wearable format. Sadly that meant the hotpants were out too. Tragic really.

Tunic - Zara, Cigarette Pants - Juicy, Bag - Express, Jewelry - Vintage, JewelMint & Tiffany's, Scarf - Zara, Flats - Lucky & Blazer - Aqua

Slim pants and a tunic is one of my favorite silhouettes, so taking a style that I’m comfortable with and than amping up the trendiness with prints, accessories and jewelry kept me from feeling completely out of my element. I was amazing by how many star-studded pieces I’d accumulated and it was fun to pair them all together in one look.

Day 4: Channel Someone

For tomorrow I want you to channel someone. Alive or dead, fictional or real, famous or regular Joe – doesn’t matter. The trick here is to keep your outfit from looking costumey. You don’t have to copy them exactly…just try and capture the flavor. Pick something they might wear. Give their hairstyle a go.

When I saw this prompt my brain went into overdrive! Audrey Hepburn. No – Grace Kelly. No – Jackie O. No – Twiggy. No – Someone original, someone no one else will pick. To save my pride I’ll lie about how long that little conversation in my head went on for and just say that it went on for a while.

So where did I end up?

Source & Source

I really wanted to channel a 60’s-era Mod girl but since Twiggy is a bit out of my range size-wise, I went with Jean Shrimpton who not only had some curves, she also had long hair with straight, dramatic bangs.

E Voila!

Dress - Burberry, Boots - Zara, Coat - H&M & Purse - Vintage

Pretty simple, I wanted the focus to be on the key pieces so I didn’t add a ton of accessories. The perfect little black shift dress, my Sergent Pepper coat and some go-go style boots to finish the look off.
This challenge is turning into one of the most fun and creative outlets that I’ve found in a long time, I am really, really enjoying myself. So stay tuned for the next two looks and I promise to keep posing like a mad woman! 🙂